The Bone and Mineral Manual book cover

The Bone and Mineral Manual

A Practical Guide

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Endocrinologists, bone and mineral specialists, and nephrologists.

Paperback, 173 pages

Published: May 1999

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-412650-3


  • s is a welcome addition to the quick and easy reference material for a busy clinician. It is particularly useful as the editors cover the newest advances in this rapidly changing field, and they also give an authoritative overview of less common diseases."


  • List of ContributorsM. Kleerekoper, M. McClung, and E. Siris eds.A. Neonates and Children 1. Neonatal Hypocalcemia (5) Preterm Infants with Fractures and Rickets (4) Rickets (5) Winston Koo (Wayne State U., Detroit) 2. A Clinical Approach to Osteogenesis Imperfecta Jay Shapiro, Rebecca Slayton, and Paul Sponsellor (Francis Scott Key Medical Center, Baltimore) (11 slides)B. Adolescents 3. Juvenile Osteoporosis Pubertal problems affecting the skeleton Reggie Tsang and Jorge Prada (U. Cincinnati) (1 slide) originally down for 18 slides4. Fibrous Dysplasia Fred Kaplan (U. Penn) (10 slides)C. Young Adults 5. Secondary Amenorrhea Anne Klibanski and Karen Miller (Mass General) (6 slides)6. Osteoporosis in Men Eric Orwoll (VA Medical Center, Portland, OR) (10 slides)??? Pregnancy and Lactation in Women with known Bone/Mineral Diseases (10 slides) ????? 7. Nephrolithiasis Murray Favus (Univ. Chicago) (6 slides) originally down for 208. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Velkjo Matkovic (Ohio State, Columbus) (3 slides) originally down for 10-12D. Diagnostic Procedures 9. A Practical Guide to Bone Densitometry Dorothy Nelson and Michael Kleerekoper (2 slides)10. Indications for Bone Mass Measurement Dorothy Nelson and Michael Kleerekoper (3 slides)11. Laboratory Analyses Useful in Diagnosis of Bone and Calcium Metablic Disorders Hunter Heath (Eli Lilly, Indianapolis) (10 slides)12. Biochemical markers of bone remodeling Mike Kleerekoper (Wayne State, Detroit) (10 slides)13. Skeletal Radiology Harry Genant (UCSF) (7 slides)14. Scintography Ignace Fogelman (Guy's Hospital, London) (4 slides) Parathyroid localization John Doppman DROPPED15. Bone Biopsy, pathology, malignancy Robert Recker (Creighton Univ., Omaha) (6 slides)E. Prevention/bone loss 16. Marjorie Luckey (Mt. Sinai, New York) (20 slides)17. Prevention of Fractures in Patients with Low Bone Mass Susan Greenspan (Beth Israel) (6 slides)18. Evaluation of Osteoporosis Michael Kleerekoper and Ethel Siris (decision tree)19. General Approaches/Pharmacology (MM) Nelson Watts (Emory U., Atlanta) (30 slides)20. Nonpharmacologic approaches (MM) Mike McClung (ORC, Portland, OR) (10 slides)F. Steroid-induced osteoporosis 21. Glucocorticoid-Induced OsteoporosisBarbara Lukert (Univ. Kansas, Kansas City) (10 slides) 22. High Bone Mass (MM) Mike Whyte (Wash. U.) (decision tree/3 slides)23. Osteomalacia (ES) John Haddad (Pennsyl (decision tree/10-15 slides)G. Hypercalcemia 24. The Non-parathyroid Chronic Hypercalcemias Larry Mallette (Baylor U., Houston) (15 slides)25. Primary Hyperparathyroidism John Bilezikian (Columbia) (8 slides)26. Bone Metastasis Bob Gagel (4 decision trees and 4 slides)H. Hypocalcemia 27. Fred Singer (St. John's Hosp., Santa Monica) (4 slides)I. Paget's Disease 28. Ethel Siris (Columbia P&S, New York) (23 slides)J. The Renal Osteodystrophies Types and Classification29. Jack Coburn (Los Angeles, CA) (22 slides)K. Osteoporosis after Organ Transplantation30. Elizabeth Shane (Columbia P&S, New York) (12 slides)L. Patient and Family Education Support Groups (MM)31. Betsy McClung (Portland, OR) (7 slides)Appendix - 3 pages


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