The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook


  • Marion Reid, New York Blood Center, New York, U.S.A.
  • Christine Lomas-Francis, New York Blood Center, New York, U.S.A.

The second edition of The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook provides key information relating to human red blood cell membrane components carrying blood group antigens, the molecular basis of the antigens, their serological characteristics, and the clinical significance of blood group antibodies. The data on this group of molecules has expanded greatly since the previous edition was published five years ago. Topics include: history and information on terminology, expression, chromosomal assignment, carrier molecule description, molecular basis of antigens, effect of enzymes/chemicals, clinical significance, disease association, phenotypes, glycotypes and key references.
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Researchers in transfusion medicine, immunohematology, hematology, immunogenetics, red blood cell markers, medical technologists, those working in transfusion services, physiscians, biochemists, cell biologists, pathophysiologists


Book information

  • Published: September 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-586585-2


Praise for the first edition: "This compact paperback has quickly become the most valued and useful resource in my blood banking and immunohematology library....the books primary usefulness is as a reference resource. However, it is highly readable and skimming its' tables and figures will be an enjoyable, painless way to update your information about blood group antigens. Once you start reading this unique compilation of facts and information about blood group antigens, you will not be able to stop until you read the last page." -IMMUNOHEMATOLOGY "A welcome reprieve to those of us who do not have a comprehensive reprint collection, and need to locate data rapidly with the minimum of fuss...[the authors] have met the challenge and the end result is a book that should jostle for space on the bookshelf of everyone with even a casual interest in red blood cells and blood group antigens." -TRANSFUSION MEDICINE

Table of Contents

IntroductionAims of this FactsBookSelection of EntriesTerminologyOrganization of the DataBlood Group System Sheets Terminology Expression Gene Database accession numbers Amino acid sequence Carrier molecule Molecular basis of antigens Function Disease association Phenotypes Molecular basis of phenotypes Comments ReferencesBlood Group Antigen Sheets Terminology OccurrenceAntithetical antigen Expression Molecular basis associated with antigen Effect of enzymes and chemicals on intact RBCs In vitro characteristics of alloantibody Clinical significance of alloantibody Autoantibody Comments ReferencesBlood Group CollectionsThe 700 Series of Low Incidence AntigensThe 901 Series of High Incidence AntigensABO Blood group systemMNS Blood group systemP Blood Group SystemRh Blood Group SystemLutheran Blood Group SystemKell Blood Group SystemLewis Blood Group SystemDuffy Blood Group SystemKidd Blood Group SystemDiego Blood Group SystemYt Blood Group SystemXg Blood Group SystemScianna Blood Group SystemDombrock Blood Group SystemColton Blood Group SystemLandsteiner-Wiener Blood Group SystemChido/Rodgers Blood Group SystemHh Blood Group SystemKx Blood Group SystemGerbich Blood Group SystemCromer Blood Group SystemKnops Blood Group SystemIndian Blood Group SystemOK Blood Group SystemRAPH Blood Group SystemJMH Blood Group SystemI Blood Group SystemGLOB Blood Group SystemGIL Blood Group SystemCost Blood Group CollectionIi Blood Group CollectionEr Blood Group CollectionGloboside Blood Group CollectionUnnamed Blood Group CollectionThe 700 Series of Low Incidence AntigensThe 901 Series of High Incidence AntigensAntigen based factsAutoantibody based and drug factsClinically useful informationBlood group system and protein based factsLectins and Polyagglutination informationGene based informationUseful definitionsIndex