The Biomechanics of Back Pain


  • Michael Adams, BSc PhD, Professor of Biomechanics, Centre for Comparative and Clinical Anatomy, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK
  • Nikolai Bogduk, BSc(Med) MB BS MD PhD DSc DipAnat DipPainMed FAFRM FAFMM FFPM(ANZCA), Professor of Pain Medicine, University of Newcastle and Head, Department of Clinical Research, Royal Newcastle Hospital, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
  • Kim Burton, OBE DO PhD Hon FFOM, Director, Spinal Research Unit, Centre for Health and Social Care Research, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK
  • Patricia Dolan, BSc PhD, Reader in Spine Biomechanics, Centre for Comparative and Clinical Anatomy, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK Senior Lecturer

Authored by experts of international renown, the new edition of The Biomechanics of Back Pain forms a bridge between the latest research and the effective clinical management of patients with back problems. Now published for the first time in full colour, this popular volume now has a bonus website which contains useful PowerPoint presentations, including seminars entitled Back Pain and Forces on the Spine as well as an overview of the Psychosocial Flags Framework.

The Biomechanics of Back Pain is essential for all clinicians involved in the care and treatment of patients with back pain, as well as for those studying its causes and methods of prevention.

"As more than half the content of this book is of direct relevance to OH professionals, I have no hesitation in recommending that it has a place on our bookshelves." Reviewed by: John Challenor,  Oxford Journals Clippings, Occupational Medicine,  vol 64, no 7, Date: Oct 2014

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All clinicians, researchers and post-graduate students concerned with the management of back pain - orthopaedic surgeons and rheumatologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, manual therapists, and physiotherapists


Book information

  • Published: September 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-7020-4313-0

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The vertebral column and adjacent structures

3. Muscles and fascia of the lumbar spine

4. Nerves and blood supply to the lumbar spine

5. Back pain

6. Epidemiology of back trouble

7. Biology of spinal tissues

8. Growth and ageing of the spine

9. Forces acting on the thoracolumbar spine

10. Mechanical function of the thoracolumbar spine

11. Mechanical damage to the thoracolumbar spine

12. Cervical spine biomechanics

13. Posture, creep and "functional pathology"

14. Sensorimotor control

15. Spinal degeneration

16. Preventing back pain

17. Conservative management of back pain

18. Biomechanics rationale for spinal surgery

19. Surgery for disc prolapse, spinal stenosis and back pain

20. Medico-legal considerations

21. Summary and Conclusions