The Biology and Management of Lobsters, 1 book cover

The Biology and Management of Lobsters, 1

Physiology and Behavior

Hardbound, 463 pages

Published: November 1980

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-177401-1


  • List of Contributors.Preface.Contents of Volume II.General Biology, B.F. Phillips, J.S. Cobb, and R.W. George.Physiology:Introduction, W. Dall.Molting and Growth, D.E. Aiken.Neurobiology, B.W. Ache and D.L. MacMillan.Reproductive Biology, D.E. Aiken and S.L. Waddy.Nutrition, D.E. Conklin.Diseases, J.E. Stewart.Behavior:Introduction, J.S. Cobb.Spiny Lobsters: Patterns of Movement, W.F. Herrnkind.Social Behavior, J. Atema and J.S. Cobb.Index.


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