The Australian Medico-Legal Handbook with PDA Software book cover

The Australian Medico-Legal Handbook with PDA Software

The Australian Medico-Legal Handbook will be provided with PDA software and aims to give JMOs immediate, clear and concise answers to the most frequently asked legal questions arising during hospital training. Doctors carry very little when they are in the ward but are increasingly carrying PDAs, making the accompanying software an ideal content delivery method.


Published: November 2007

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-7760-1


  • 1. How to Use this Handbook
    2. Clinical Questions
    3. The Legal System, Courts and Procedure
    4. Standards of Care
    5. Professional Conduct
    6. Consent
    7. Confidentiality and Privacy
    8. Incompetent Patients
    9. Children
    10. Death and Dying
    11. Human Tissue and Organ Donation
    12. Mental Health
    13. Drugs and Prescribing
    14. The Police
    15. Medical Records
    16. Certificates
    17. Employment and other Arrangements for Services




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