The Atmosphere

Treatise on Geochemistry, Volume 4

Edited by

  • Lynn Russell
  • Ralph Keeling, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego, CA, USA

This volume covers topics relating reactive atmospheric chemistry, pathways for material transport within the atmosphere, and exchanges with the land, biota, oceans, and solid earth. The emphasis is on species of relevance to global climate and global chemical budgets, as well as on the application of geochemical methods, such as isotope techniques, for deciphering pathways and rates of material exchange within the atmosphere and with other reservoirs. The topics covered here have long histories, related to their importance for problems of global climate change, the ozone layers, and other global impacts on humanity.
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geologists, geochemists, chemists, earth scientists


Book information

  • Published: March 2006
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-045091-9


"A broad overview of specific themes and enquiry methods for biogeochemists and atmospheric geochemics. ...A huge amount of material has been brought together in the book and synthesized by the well-know and active practitioners in the field. It is highly recommended." -Shaocai Yu, PhD, National Exposire Research Laboratory, US Environmental Protection Agency, NC, USA

Table of Contents

Executive Editors' ForewordContributors to Volume 4Volume Editor's Introduction1. Ozone, Hydroxyl Radical, and Oxidative Capacity (R.G. Prinn)2. Tropospheric Halogen Chemistry (R. Von Glasow and P.J. Crutzen)3. Geochemistry of atmospheric methane (W.S. Reeburgh)4. Tropospheric Aerosols (P.R. Buseck and S.E. Schwartz)5. Non-mass dependent isotopic fractionation: mechanisms and applications (M.H. Thiemens)6. Isotopic composition of atmospheric CO2 and O2 (D. Yakir)7. Radiocarbon (W.S. Broecker)8. Atmospheric water isotopes (J. Jouzel)9. Aerosol chemistry (W.S. Broecker)10. Tropospheric aerosol composition and properties (P.R. Buseck, S.E. Schwartz)11. Biomass burning (J.S. Levine)12. Tracers of atmospheric circulation (M. Heimann)13. Atmospheric radionuclides other than 14C (K.K. Turekian, W.C. Graustein)14. Chemistry of the stratospheric ozone layer (J.M. Rodríguez)15. Stratosphere-troposphere exchange (K.A. Boering)16. Planetary degassing (D.R. Porcelli, K.K. Turekian)