The Art of Investigative Interviewing


  • Inge Sebyan Black, President, Security Investigations Consulting; CPP, CFE, CPOI

The Art of Investigative Interviewing, Third Edition can be used by anyone who is involved in investigative interviewing. It is a perfect combination of real, practical, and effective techniques, procedures, and actual cases. Learn key elements of investigative interviewing, such as human psychology, proper interview preparation, tactical concepts, controlling the interview environment, and evaluating the evidence obtained from the interview. Inge Sebyan Black updated the well-respected work of Charles L. Yeschke to provide everything an interviewer needs to know in order to conduct successful interviews professionally, with integrity, and within the law. This book covers the myriad factors of an interview - including issues of evidence, rapport, deception, authority, and setting - clearly and effectively. It also includes a chapter on personnel issues and internal theft controls.
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Investigators and security professionals; law enforcement officers, private investigators, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and students in criminal justice.


Book information

  • Published: January 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-411577-4

Table of Contents

Preface by Pat Clawson
Foreword by Lawrence Fennelly and Louis Tyska
Chapter 1 So You Want to be an Investigative Interviewer?
Chapter 2 Ethical Standards and Professionalism
Chapter 3 Preparing for the Interview
Chapter 4 Deception in the Interview
Chapter 5 Evidence
Chapter 6 Public and Private Interviewing
Chapter 7 Rapport
Chapter 8 Authority
Chapter 9 Overview of the Interview Process
Chapter 10 Setting, Location, Intensity, and Approach in the Interview
Chapter 11 Questioning Techniques
Chapter 12 Internal Controls Introduction Internal Theft Controls and Personnel Issues
Chapter 13 100 Things You Should be Aware of as an Investigative Interviewer