The Art of Cryogenics

Low-Temperature Experimental Techniques


  • Guglielmo Ventura, University of Florence, Dipartimento di Fisica, Italy
  • Lara Risegari, University of Florence, Dipartamento di Fisica, Italy

Cryogenics is the study of low temperature interactions - temperatures well below those existing in the natural universe.
The book covers a large spectrum of experimental cases, including basic vacuum techniques, indispensable in cryogenics. Guidance in solving experimental problems and numerous numerical examples are given, as are examples of the applications of cryogenics in such areas as underground detectors and space applications. Updated tables of low-temperature data on materials are also presented, and the book is supplemented with a rich bibliography.
Key Features include:
- Experiments described in technical detail- Description of newest cryogenic apparatus- Applications in multidisciplinary areas- Data on cryogenic properties of new materials- Current reference review
Researchers (graduate and above) in the fields of physics, engineering and chemistry with an interest in the technology and applications of low-temperature measurements, will find this book invaluable.
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This book is suitable for physicists, engineers, chemists, libraries and university teachers. It is also suitable for biologists and medicine libraries.


Book information

  • Published: October 2007
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-044479-6

Table of Contents

1. Vacuum techniques2. Cryoliquids3. Properties of solids at low temperature4. Thermal contact and switches5. Cooling down to 0.3 K6. Dilution refrigerators7. Other refrigerators8. Temperature metrology9. Thermometry10. Instrumentation for cryogenics11. Low-temperature measurements12. Applications of cryogenics