The Anterior Eye and Therapeutics book cover

The Anterior Eye and Therapeutics

Diagnosis and Management

*A concise yet up-to-date review of a subject which has far reaching implications for your future practice
*Balanced, critical and informative and presents the very latest information in a highly readable form so that you will be able to find the information quickly
*A whole range of international experts and contributors provide you with all the necessary basic science information, clinical advice and research
*Has a broad appeal for all those interested in the eye and contact lens wear
*Contains superb illustrations and represents a treasure trove of sound practical advice.

Set at the level between a definitive reference work and a practical manual, this is an invaluable text for all optometrists, particularly those involved in contact lens practice.


Published: May 2003

Imprint: Bh Bcla

ISBN: 978-0-7506-5290-2


  • 1. Clinical recognition of anterior segment disease
    2. Infectious and non-infectious inflammation
    3. The pathogenesis of infectious anterior segment disease
    4. Therapeutics - how do they work
    5. The role of the optometrist in the management of anterior segment disease
    6. Allergic eye disease


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