The Analysis of Thermally Stimulated Processes book cover

The Analysis of Thermally Stimulated Processes

Thermally stimulated processes include a number of phenomena - either physical or chemical in nature - in which a certain property of a substance is measured during controlled heating from a 'low' temperature. Workers and graduate students in a wide spectrum of fields require an introduction to methods of extracting information from such measurements. This book gives an interdisciplinary approach to various methods which may be applied to analytical chemistry including radiation dosimetry and determination of archaeological and geological ages. In addition, recent advances are included, such as ionic thermocurrent of general order kinetics, polarization thermocurrents and some aspects of the superlinear dependence on the dose of thermoluminescence

Physicists and chemists working in thermally stimulated processes; graduate students


Published: March 1981

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-022930-0


  • (partial) Preface


    Thermoluminescence, thermally stimulated conductivity and thermally stimulated electron emission

    Thermally stimulated polarization and depolarization currents

    Thermogravimetry, differential thermal analysis and associated methods

    Other thermally stimulated processes

    Methods for evaluating parameters from thermally stimulated curves

    Data from a series of measurements

    Simultaneous measurements and complementary methods

    Application of the methods of analysis to experimental results - possibilities and limitations




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