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Textiles for Sportswear

Textiles for Sportswear is an important book that systematically covers key trends in design and materials, the use of novel and smart fabrics, and a range of specific applications. The book begins by surveying the principles of textile applications in sport, including design, materials, and production technology.

The uses of smart textiles in sportswear are then examined, from intelligent materials to wearable technology. Final sections of the text explore comfort in sportswear, sportswear for protection, and recent advances in sportswear technology that are currently being applied to particular sports.


Textile and clothing scientists and technologists, postgraduate students, designers, material buyers, research and development staff in the sportswear industry, biomedical researchers and sportspersons in general.

Hardbound, 256 Pages

Published: June 2015

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-78242-229-7


  • Part 1 Materials and production technology
    1 Introduction to textiles in sport
    R. Shishoo, Shishoo Consulting, Sweden
    2 Environmentally conscious fabric selection in sportswear design
    J. McCann, University of South Wales, UK
    3 Recent developments in elastic fibres and yarns for sportswear
    J. Hu and J. Lu, Institute of Textiles and Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, PR of China
    4 Biomimetic approach to the design of textiles for sportswear applications
    V. Kapsali, Northumbria University, UK
    5 Knitting technology for seamless sportswear
    O. Troynikov and C. Watson, RMIT University, Australia
    6 Joining techniques for sportswear
    J. McLoughlin and S. Hayes, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
    Part 2 Sportswear for performance and protection
    7 Physiological strain and comfort in sports clothing
    H. Daanen, TNO, The Netherlands
    8 Wearable sensors for sports performance
    S. Lam Po Tang, Consultant, UK
    9 Cold weather sports clothing
    R. Rossi, Empa Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland
    10 Protective headgear for sports
    T.E. Gould, S.G. Piland, D.E. Krzeminski and J.W. Rawlins, University of Southern Mississippi, USA
    11 Sportswear for snow sports
    T. Bechtold, B. Caven and T. Wright, University of Innsbruck, Austria


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