Textiles for Protection

Edited by

  • R A Scott, RASCOTEX, UK

In today’s climate there is an increasing requirement for protective textiles, whether for personal protection, protection against the elements, chemical, nuclear or ballistic attack. This comprehensive book brings together the leading protective textiles experts from around the world. It covers a wide variety of themes from materials and design, through protection against specific hazards, to specific applications. This is the first book of its kind to give a complete coverage of textiles for protection.
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All those working in the safety and protective fabrics industry and all concerned in health and safety in a wide variety of industries; Health and safety workers in the departments of defense, police and fire service.


Book information

  • Published: October 2005
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-85573-921-5


This is, without doubt, the most important textbook published on protective textiles and clothing., International Dyer

Table of Contents

Part 1 Materials and design: Overview of protective clothing; Standards for protective textiles; Fashion and function - factors affecting the design and use of protective clothing; Steps in the selection of protective clothing materials; Fibres and fabrics for protective textiles; Technical textiles for protection; Intelligent textiles for protection; Surface treatments for protective textiles; Evaluation of protective clothing systems using manikins; Interactions between protection and thermal comfort; Modelling thermal burn injury protection. Part 2 General protection requirements and applications: Civilian protection and protection of industrial workers from chemicals; Textiles for UV protection; Textiles for protection against cold; Thermal (Heat and fire) protection; Microorganism protection; Textiles for respiratory protection; Electrostatic protection; Ballistic protection; Chemical and biological protection. Part 3 Case studies: Military protection; Fire fighters protective clothing; Protection against knives and other weapons; Flight suits for military aviators; Protection for workers in the oil and gas industry; Motorcyclists.