Textbook of General and Oral Surgery book cover

Textbook of General and Oral Surgery

This practical resource helps readers arrive at an integrated understanding of both general and oral surgery — in one convenient text. A companion to Wray: Textbook of General and Oral Medicine, it provides the basic principles of general surgery and general medicine and a more detailed knowledge of certain areas of these specialties which are related to dentistry or have an influence on the practice of dentistry.

Paperback, 336 Pages

Published: August 2003

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07083-9


    A. Basic principles
    1. Introduction
    2. History and examination
    3. Wound healing and suture materials
    4. Complications of surgery
    5. Fluid balance metabolism and nutrition
    6. Blood disorders and their management in surgical practice
    7. Cross infection control
    8. Surgical sepsis
    9. Fractures
    10. General anaesthesia
    11. Conscious sedation
    B. Specialist surgical principles
    12. Maxillofacial trauma
    13. Orthognathic surgery
    14. Salivary gland surgery
    15. Plastic surgery
    16. Management of facial clefts
    17. Management of orofacial malignancy
    18. Otorhinolaryngology (ENT surgery)
    19. Neurosurgery
    20. Temporomandibular joint investigation and surgery
    21. Introduction
    22. History and diagnosis
    23. Basic oral surgical techniques
    24. Local anaesthesia
    25. Extraction techniques
    26. Complications of extractions
    27. Wisdom teeth
    28. Cysts of the jaw
    29. Periradicular surgery
    30. Pre-prosthetic surgery
    31. Orthodontics and surgery
    32. Other surgical techniques
    33. Spread and control of infection
    34. Salivary gland diseases
    35. Oral surgery in the medically compromised
    36. Diseases of bone
    37. Dental implants
    38. Cryosurgery and laser surgery


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