Textbook of Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine book cover

Textbook of Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine

This comprehensive book on transfusion practices and immunohematology offers concise, thorough guidelines on the best ways to screen donors, store blood components, ensure safety, anticipate the potentially adverse affects of blood transfusion, and more. It begins with the basics of genetics and immunology, and then progresses to the technical aspects of blood banking and transfusion. Chapters are divided into sections on: Basic Science Review; Blood Group Serology; Donation, Preparation, and Storage; Pretransfusion Testing; Transfusion Therapy; Clinical Considerations; and Safety, Quality Assurance, and Data Management. Developed specifically for medical technologists, blood bank specialists, and residents, the new edition conforms to the most current standards of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

Book, 704 Pages

Published: February 2005

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3420-7


  • Section 1. Basic Science Review
    1. Fundamentals of Genetics: Blood Bank Applications
    2. Immunology: Review and Applications

    Section 2. Blood Group Serology
    3. The ABO and H Blood Group Systems
    4. The Lewis, Secretor and Soluble ABH Antigens: The I and P Blood Group Systems
    5. The Rh Blood Group System
    6. Other Blood Group Systems
    7. The HLA System

    Section 3. Donation, Preparation, and Storage
    8. Donor Screening and Phlebotomy
    9. Component Preparation
    10. Blood Component Preservation and Storage

    Section 4. Pretransfusion Testing
    11. Compatibility Testing
    12. Antibody Identification
    13. Resolving ABO Typing Discrepancies and Other Typing Problems

    Section 5. Transfusion Therapy
    14. Component Therapy
    15. Adverse Effects of Blood Transfusion

    Section 6. Clinical Considerations
    16. Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn
    17. Transfusion Issues in Selected Patient Populations
    18. Autoimmune and Drug-Induced Immune Hemolytic Anemias
    19. Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Cellular Therapy

    Section 7. Safety, Quality Assurance, and Data Management
    20. Safety
    21. Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, and Peer Review
    22. Record Keeping and Computers


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