Terrorism and Homeland Security

An Introduction with Applications


  • Philip Purpura, CPP, Florence Darlington Technical College, Florence Darlington Technical College, Florence, SC, U.S.
  • Philip Purpura, CPP, Florence Darlington Technical College, Florence Darlington Technical College, Florence, SC, U.S.

Terrorism and Homeland Security: An Introduction with Applications provides a comprehensive overview of terrorism, public and private sector counterterrorism, and "all hazards" emergency management. The book presents national, state, and local perspectives and up-to-date information, including the reorganization of the Department of Homeland Security, the renewed Patriot Act, and intelligence reform. A wide range of issues are discussed, including such topics as the effectiveness of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, the measurement of terrorism, victims of terrorism, privatization of counterterrorism, the "code war," the merging of life safety and public safety, the Katrina disaster, the role of the military, preemptive force, Homeland Security and national security versus due process models, pandemics, and wars of globalization. It emphasizes practical issues handled by senior government officials, private sector executives, security practitioners, and a variety of first responders. Terrorism and Homeland Security provides theory from several disciplines, offering explanations of problems and countermeasures to assist both practitioners searching for answers, as well as students seeking to put theory into practice. Applications at the end of chapters use assessment center and red team techniques to help the reader develop analytical and decision-making skills in the context of understanding the mindset and planning processes of terrorists. An essential resource for both students and professionals, Terrorism and Homeland Security addresses sensitive issues, asks controversial questions, and offers solutions to differentiate law, policy, and plans from reality.
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PRIMARY MARKET: Students attending community college homeland security programs; state, federal, and private security training programs. SECONDARY MARKET: DHS professionals, Security professionals, ASIS.


Book information

  • Published: December 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7843-8


The book explains practical issues, handled by senior government officials, first responders and private security practitioners. Theory from more than 20 disciplines provides a foundation for the book, including criminal justice, international relations, government, psychology, sociology, military science, business, structural engineering and public health.-Morning News, Florence, SC, January 21, 2007

Table of Contents

PART I HISTORICAL FOUNDATIONCh 1 The Problem of TerrorismCh 2 Terrorist Methods and WeaponsPART II ACTION AGAINST TERRORISMCh 3 Government ActionCh 4 Homeland Security Ch 5 Legal IssuesCh 6 Private Sector ActionPART III PROTECTION METHODSCh 7 Risk Management and Emergency ManagementCh 8 Life Safety and Public Safety Ch 9 SecurityCh 10 Protecting Critical Infrastructures and Key AssetsCh 11 Border and Transportation SecurityPART IV THE FUTURECh 12 Anticipating the Future: Terrorism, Technology, Research, and Education