Teletraffic Engineering in the Internet Era


  • J.M. de Souza, R&D Lucent Technologies, Valinhos, Brazil
  • N.L.S. da Fonseca, State University of Campinas, Institute of Computing, Campinas SP, Brazil
  • E.A.S. Silva, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This book presents recent developments on teletraffic science and engineering, specially on traffic modelling and control of the Internet (TCP/IP), Wireless and Multimedia Networks. Moreover, it presents new queueing and optimisation methods applied to the planning and control of the telecommunications networks.
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Telecommunicational organisations.


Book information

  • Published: August 2001
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-50911-6

Table of Contents

Plenary Sessions.
Traffic Management I
A New Threshold-Based Policy for Label Switched Path (LSP) Set-up in MPLS Networks (C. Scoglio, T. Anjali, J. C. Oliveira, I. F. Akyildiz, G. Uhl).
Processing Overhead Studies in Resource Reservation Protocols(P. Pan, H. Schulzrinne).
Traffic Modeling
Flow level IP traffic characterization (P. Olivier, N. Benameur).
Wavelet Based Synthetic Generation of Internet Packet Delays(A. De Vendictis, A. Baiocchi).
Wireless Communications
Model for Location Mobility Area Design(Z. Dziong, B. Ramana, B. Samadi).
A Distributed Scheduling Algorithm for a Bluetooth Scatternet(N. Johansson, U. Körner, L. Tassiulas).
Network Design & Optimization
Combined Economic Modeling and Traffic Engineering:Joint Optimization of Pricing and Routing in Multi-Service Networks (D. Mitra, K.G. Ramakrishnan, Q. Wang).
Modeling Max-Min Fairness for Elastic Flows in Telecommunications Networks (A. Dupuis, F. Guillemin, P. Robert).
Analysis and Optimization of Hierarchical Reliable Transport Protocols (A. Busson, J-L. Rougier, D. Kofman).
Traffic Management II
On the Impact of Aggregation on the Performance of Traffic Aware Routing (A. Sridharan, S. Bhattacharya, C. Diot, R. Guérin, J. Jetcheva, N. Taft).
Insensitivity Results in Statistical Bandwidth Sharing (T. Bonald, A. Proutière, G. Régnié, J. W. Roberts).
Next Generation Networks & Services
Performance of Web Servers in a Distributed Computing Environment(W.K. Ehrlich, R. Hariharan, P.K. Reeser, R. van der Mei).
On Burst Assembly in Optical Burst Switching Networks - A Performance Evaluation of Just-Enough-Time(K. Dolzer, C. Gauger).
Admission Control
Measurement-Based Admission Control for Elastic Traffic(S. Ben Fredj, S. Oueslati-Boulahia, J.W. Roberts).
Some Observations on Equation-Based Rate Control(M. Vojnovic, J-Y. Le Boudec).
Mapping of Performance Metrics Between Intserv and ATM(T. Chahed, G. Hébuterne, G. Pujolle).
The Scaling Characteristics of the Video Traffic and its Impact on Acceptance Regions(R. Pontes, R. Coelho).
A Scalable Protocol Architecture for End-to-End Signaling and Resource Reservation in IP Networks(M. Menth).
Resource Allocation
Robust Adaptive Capacity Allocation Algorithm(A. Penttinen, J. Virtamo).
Performance Analysis of Bandwidth Allocation Schemes inMultiservice IP Networks using Utility Funtions(V. Rakocevic, J. Griffiths, G. Cope).
A Token-based Strategy for Co-ordinated, Profit-optimal Control of Multiple IN Resources(B. Jennings, A. Arvidsson, T. Curran).
HW/SW Codesign of Protocols Based on Performance Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms(M.N. de Miranda, R. N. B. Lima, A.C.P. Pedroza, A. C. Mesquita Filho).
Basic Reconfiguration Options in Multi-Layer Robust Telecommunication Networks - Design and Performance Issues(M. Pióro, T. Szymanski).
Resource Allocation in Wireless Network
Scheduling in Multimedia Wireless Networks(R. Leelahakriengkrai, R. Agrawal).
An In-Depth Evaluation of Bluetooth Ad hoc Networks(C.M. Cordeiro, D.F.H. Sadok, J. Kelner).
Channel Assignment with Handover Queueing in LEO Satellite Systems based on an "Earth-Fixed Cell" Coverage(L. Boukhatem, A.L. Beylot, D. Gaïti, G. Pujolle).
Comparison of Handoff Resource Allocation Strategies through the State-Dependent Rejection Scheme(F. Barceló).
Slowly Decreasing Throughput Algorithms for Random Access Channel(J.H. Sarker, S.J. Halme).
Multimedia Provisioning
On-line Estimation, Network Design and Performance Analysis with Effective Bandwidths(J. Yang, M. Devetsikiotis).
Traffic Management for Voice/Data Convergence in ADSL(L.A. DaSilva, V. Dham, K. Phanse,K. Kidambi).
Optimal Object Placement, Load Distribution and Load Control for Distributed Telecommunication Service Applications(C. McArdle, T. Curran).
Dimensioning the Capacity of Interactive Video Servers(N.L.S. da Fonseca, H.K. Rubinsztejn).
Engineering and Routing of Connection-oriented MultirateReference Networks(H.L. Hartmann).
Traffic Characterization
A Compound Model for TCP Connection Arrivals: Empirical Study wuthin a General Framework(C. Nuzman, I. Saniee, W. Sweldens, A. Weiss).
Multiple Time Scale TCP: Harnessing Proactivity in Self-similar Burstiness (K. Park, T. Tuan).
Determining the Tolerable Load Generated by a set of Packet-Based Phones on a Multiplexing Node(D. De Vleeschauwer, A. Van Moffaert, M.J.C. Büchli,J. Janssen, G.H. Petit, B. Steyaert, H. Bruneel).
Modeling Multiple IP Traffic Streams with Rate Limits(D. Heyman, D. Lucantoni).
Fractional Lévy Motion and its Application to Network Traffic Modeling(N. Laskin, I. Lambadaris, F.C. Harmantzis, M. Devetsikiotis).
Performance Analysis of Wireless Systems
Distribution of Channel Holding Times in Cellular Communication Systems(T.K. Christensen, B.F. Nielsen, V.B. Iversen).
On the Outage Probability in CDMA Cellular Networks with Adaptive Antennas (R. Mathar, M-A Remiche).
Performance Evaluation of Interference and Cell Loading in UMTS Networks (K. Leibnitz, A. Krauß).
Computing Call Blocking Probabilities in LEO Satellite Networks: The Single Orbit Case(A. Halim Zaim, G.N. Rouskas, H.G. Perros).
Performance Improvements for TCP in Mobile Networks with high Packet Delay Variations(J. Schüler, S. Gruhl, T. Schwabe, M. Schweigel).
Traffic Engineering I
Enhancements to Traffic Engineering for Multi Protocol Label Switching (T. Carpenter, K.R. Krishnan, D. Shallcross).
Traffic-aware Distribution of e-Commerce Services(G. Gama, W. Meira Jr., M.B. Carvalho, D. Guedes).
Class and Channel Condition Based Weighted Proportionally Fair Scheduler(R. Agrawal, A. Bedekar, R.J. La, V. Subramanian).
Effective Bandwidths for TES Processes(J. Yang, I. Lambadaris).
Dynamic Load Balancing in a Two-Server System(P.J. Emstad, P-O. Osland).
Network Planning
Ring-Based Ordering for Multipoint-to-Multipoint Communications(Y. Boujelben, A. Girard, J-C Grégoire).
A Systematic Approach To Network Planning(J. Lubacz, A. Tomaszewski).
Optimal Dimensioning of a Ring(W. Ben Ameur, S. Besiktasliyan, B. Decocq).
Topological Design of Telecommunication Networks - Nodes and Links Localization under Demand Constraints(M. Pióro, A. Jüttner, J. Harmatos, A. Szentesi, P. Gajowniczek, A. Myslek).
Avoiding Paradoxes in Routing Games(E. Altman, R. El Azouzi, O. Pourtallier).
TCP Performance
Stability of TCP-RED Congestion Control(P. Kuusela, P. Lassila, J. Virtamo).
Path Optimization for Elastic Traffic under Fairness Constraints(G. Fodor, G. Malicskó, M. Pióro, T. Szymanski).
TCP-Friendly Policy Functions: Capped Leaky Buckets(A.J. Elizondo-Armengol).On Steady State Analysis of TCP in Networks with Differentiated Services(N.M. Malouch, Z. Liu).
Throughput Modeling and Simulation for Single Connection TCP-Tahoe (I. Kaj, J. Olsén).
Scheduling I
Network Multiplexer with Generalized Processor and Heavy-tailed On-Off Flows(P. Jelenkovic, P. Momcilovic).
Stochastic Bounds in a GPS System Fed by Two Leaky Bucket Regulated On-Off Sources(M. Xie, B. Bensaou, K. C. Chua).
Schedulability Criterion and Performance Analysis of Coordinated Schedulers(C. Li, E.W. Knightly).
On the Workload Process in a Fluid Queue with Bursty Input and Selective Discarding(P. Dube, E. Altman).
Blocking probabilities of two-layer statistically indistinguishable multicast streams(J. Karvo, S. Aalto, J. Virtamo).
Scheduling IIScheduling for Quality of Service Based Service Differentiation(S. Sarkar, L. Tassiulas).
Scheduling Algorithms for a Mixture of Real-Time and Non-Real-Time Data in HDR(S. Shakkottai, A.L. Stolyar).
Optimization Based Rate Control for Multipath Sessions(K. Kar, S. Sarkar, L. Tassiulas).
REM: Active Queue Management(S. Athuraliya, V.H. Li, S.H. Low,Q. Yin).
On the Fairness of Scheduling Algorithms for Input-Queued Switches(D. Cavendish, M. Goudreau, A. Ishii).
TCP Modeling
SCTP Congestion Control: Initial Simulation Studies(R. Brennan, T. Curran).
Network Performance for TCP Networks, Part I: Persistent Sources(M. Roughan, A. Erramilli, D. Veitch).
Improving the 1/✓p Law for Single and Parallel TCP Flows(A. Fekete, G. Vattay, A. Veres).
TCP Modeling in the Presence of Nonlinear Window Growth(E. Altman, K. Avrachenkov, C. Barakat,R. Nunez-Queija).
On the Origins of Long-Range Dependence in TCP Traffic(A. Arvidsson, M. Roughan, T. Rydén).
QoS IP - Diff Service
Evaluating Voice Traffic in a Differentiated Services Environment(A. Ziviani, J. F. de Rezende, O.C.M.B. Duarte, S. Fdida).
Quality of Service in a DiffServ Domain using Policy-Based Management(M.P. Fernandez, A. de C. P. Pedroza, J. F. de Rezende).
Configuration Rule and Performance Evaluation for DiffServ Parameters(S. Sato, K. Kobayashi, H. Pan, S. Tartarelli,A. Banchs).
Guaranteeing Deterministic QoS in a Multipoint-to-point Network(G. Urvoy-Keller, G. Hébuterne).
A Scalable Dynamic Provisioning Mechanism for IntServ-DiffServ Networks for Guaranteed Services(J. Hwang).
Queueing Theory
Polling Systems with Correlated Arrivals(R. van der Mei).
Analysis of the (Batch-On/Off)/D/1 queue(S. Galmés).
Approximate Formulae for Gaussian Priority Queues(P. Mannersalo, I. Norros).
Two Coupled Queues with Heterogeneous Traffic(S. Borst, O. Boxma, M. van Uitert).
A Combinatorial Solution of Discrete Time Multi-Server Queueing Systems with Markov Sources(J. He, K. Sohraby).
IP Performance Measurement
Modeling End-to-End Packet Delay Dynamics of the Internet using System Identification(H. Ohsaki, M. Murata, H. Miyahara).
Accuracy of Intrusive Measurements of the Waiting Time in an M/G/1/∞ Queue(B. Viken, P. J. Emstad).
Using Stress Test Results to Drive Performance Modeling: A Case Study in "Gray-Box" Vendor Analysis(P. Reeser).
Measured HTTP Performance and Fun Factors(J. Charzinski).
Adjustment on End-to-End Delay to Remove the Distortion Caused by NTP Clock Adjustment (L. Huang, K. Sezaki).
Traffic Engineering II
On the Necessity of Transient Performance Analysis in Telecommunication Networks(H.-P. Schwefel, L. Lipsky, M. Jobmann).
Traffic Engineering using Reward Models(R.M.M. Leão, E. de Souza e Silva, M.C. Diniz).
The Estimation Of Heavy-Tailed Probability Density Functions and Their Mixtures (N.M. Markovitch, U.R. Krieger).
Application of Neural Networks to Accelerated Simulation of Internet Type WANs(E. Liu, J. Schormans, L. Cuthbert, C. Phillips, G. Stoneley).
Local Queue in Single Link Packet Switched Networks with Variable Packet Lengths(P. Le Gall).
Pricing of Telecom Services
Edge Pricing in Space and Time: Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Cumulus Pricing Scheme(P. Reichl, B. Stiller).
An Auction Mechanism for Bandwidth Allocation over Paths (C. Courcoubetis, M.P. Dramitinos, G. D. Stamoulis).
Optimal Resource Allocation in Multiclass Networks with User-Specified Utility Functions (S. Kalyanasundaram, E. K. P. Chong, N. B. Shroff).
Dynamics of Different Congestion Pricing Strategies (S. Zimmermann, T. Hamann, U. Killat).
Case Study For 3G/UMTS Services and Billing Methods(T. Hämäläinen, E. Wallenius).