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Telemental Health

Clinical, Technical, and Administrative Foundations for Evidence-Based Practice

Acquiring access to mental health treatments can be difficult for those who are not near mental health facilities. The growing field of telemental health addresses this problem by using video and telephone conferencing to provide patients with access to psychiatric professionals. However, the process faces challenges to gain adoption into mainstream medical practice and to develop an evidence base supporting its efficacy. In this comprehensive text, leading professionals in the field provide an introduction to telemental health and explore how to construct a therapeutic space in different contexts when conducting telemental health, how to improve access for special populations, and how to develop an evidence base and best practice in telemental health. In the past 15 years, implementation of telemental health has seemed to follow more from need than from demonstrated efficacy. The thorough and insightful chapters within this book show the importance of continued research and thoughtful development of ethical and responsible practice that is needed in the field and begin to lay out steps in constructing this process. Telemental Health will be an essential book for all clinical practitioners and researchers in mental health fields.


Current and potential practitioners of telemental health. Mental health administrators and policymakers. Academic and community-based researchers.

Hardbound, 400 Pages

Published: September 2012

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-416048-4


  • "I found this book to be enthralling and informative…. It provides a significant dataset of what has worked, and through a well-written narrative on the evidence base, this book will serve as the foundation of TMH moving forward and should be a ready reference for all participants in TMH."--Telemedicine and e-Health, October 2013


  •  SECTION I: Introduction to Telemental Health

    CHAPTER ONE: Introduction

    Authors: Carolyn Turvey, Ph.D. and Kathleen Myers, M.D., M.P.H.

    CHAPTER TWO: Telemental Health as a Solution to the Widening Gap Between Supply and Demand for Mental Health Services

    Author: Michael Flaum, M.D.


    SECTION II: Developing a Therapeutic Space During Telemental Health

    CHAPTER THREE: Establishing Therapeutic Rapport in Telemental Health

    Author: Dehra Glueck, M.D.

    CHAPTER FOUR: Ethical Considerations in Providing Mental Health Services Over Videoteleconferencing

    Authors: Eve Lynn Nelson, Ph.D. Kathy Davis, Ph.D., Sarah E. Velasquez, M.S., M.A.B

    CHAPTER FIVE: Integrating Culturally Appropriate Care into Telemental Health Practice

    Authors: Elizabeth Brooks, Ph.D., Garret Spargo, Peter Yellowlees, M.B.B.S. M.D., Patrick

    O’Neill, M.D., Jay Shore, M.D., M.P.H.

    CHAPTER SIX: Managing Risk and Protecting Privacy in Telemental Health: An Overview of

    Legal, Regulatory, and Risk Management Issues.

    Authors: Gregory Kramer Ph.D., J.D., Matthew Mishkind, Ph.D., David Luxton, Ph.D., Jay

    Shore, M.D., M.P.H.


    SECTION III: Establishing a Telemental Health Practice

    CHAPTER SEVEN: Business Aspects of Telemental Health in Private Practice

    Author: Dehra Glueck, M.D.

    CHAPTER EIGHT: Technology Options for the Provision of Mental Health Care Through Videoteleconferencing

    Authors: Garret Spargo, Ashley Karr


    SECTION IV: Improving Access for Special Populations through Telemental Health

    CHAPTER NINE: Telemental Health in Primary Care

    Authors: Avron Kreichman, M.D., Caroline Bonham, M.D.

    CHAPTER TEN: Geriatric Telemental Health

    Authors: Thomas Sheeran Ph.D., M.E., Jennifer Dealy, B.A., Terry Rabinowitz M.D.,


    CHAPTER ELEVEN: Child and Adolescent Telemental Health

    Author: L. Lee Carlisle, M.D.

    CHAPTER TWELVE: Rural Veterans and Telemental Health Service Delivery

    Authors: Leslie Morland Psy.D. and Karen Kloezeman

    CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Videoteleconferencing in Forensic and Correctional Practice

    Authors: Ashley Batastini, Brendan McDonald, B.A.,Robert Morgan, PhD

    SECTION V: Assessment and Intervention

    CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Special Considerations for Conducting Neuropsychological Assessment Over Videoteleconferencing.

    Authors: C. Munro Cullum, Ph.D., Maria C. Grosch, B.S.

    CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Special Considerations for Conducting Psychotherapy Over Videoteleconferencing.

    Authors: Eve-Lynn Nelson, Ph.D. Angela Banitt Duncan, Ph.D., Teresa A. Lillis, M.A.

    CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Special Considerations for Conducting Psychopharmacologic Treatment Over Videoteleconferencing. Author: Carol Rockhill M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.

    SECTION VI: Next Steps in Disseminating Telemental Health and Establishing an Evidence Base

    CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Clinically Informed Telemental Health in Post-Disaster Areas.

    Author: Eugene Augusterfer, LCSW

    CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: Social Networking and Mental Health

    Authors: Benjamin Hidy,M.D., Emily Porch, M.D., Sarah Reed, M.D., Michelle Burke Parish, M.A., Peter Yellowlees, M.B.B.S., M.D.

    CHAPTER NINETEEN: Research in Telemental Helath: Review and Synthesis

    Authors: Carolyn Turvey, Ph.D and Kathleen Myers, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.

    CHAPTER TWENTY: Conclusions

    Authors: Carolyn Turvey, Ph.D and Kathleen Myers, M.D., M.P.H.


    APPENDIX I: Glossary of Terms

    APPENDIX II: Websites


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