TEE Pocket Manual book cover

TEE Pocket Manual

Revised Reprinted Edition

An invaluable resource for everything you must remember when doing TEE and for reporting-normal values, explanations of abnormal findings, schematics and tables, formulas, calculations, pitfalls and artifacts-all in the back pocket of your scrubs! Quickly look up normal values and obscure normal variants, adult congenital abnormalities, prosthetic valve gradients, and calculations for determining various chamber pressures, as well as common pitfalls and artifacts. Each chapter includes echocardiographic findings, specific to two-dimensional, color-flow, and Doppler imaging modalities. Also included is a chapter on three-dimensional TEE.



Published: July 2011

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-0588-7


  • TEE Pocket Manual with PDA Access Revised Reprint Edition


     1. Basic physics of ultrasound  

     2. Systolic LV structure/function  

     3. Diastolic function  

     4. Aortic valve anatomy  

     5. Aortic valve stenosis  

     6. Aortic regurgitation  

     7. Mitral valve anatomy

     8. Mitral valve stenosis 

     9. Mitral valve regurgitation 

    10. Pulmonic valve  

    11. Tricuspid valve  

    12. Right ventricle  

    13. Prosthetic valve types  

    14. Endocarditis  

    15. Pericardial disease  

    16. Aortic atherosclerosis aneurysm dissection  

    17. Adult congenital heart disease  

    18. Intracardiac masses and objects  

    19. Artifacts and pitfalls  

    20. Equations and calculations  

    21. Intraoperative 3-Dimensional (3D) TEE


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