Techno Security

Techno Security's Guide to Securing SCADA

A Comprehensive Handbook On Protecting The Critical Infrastructure

Around the world, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems and other real-time process control networks run mission-critical infrastructure--everything from the power grid to water treatment, chemical manufacturing to transportation. These networks are at increasing risk due to the move from proprietary systems to more standard platforms and protocols and the interconnection to other networks. Because there has been limited attention paid to security, these systems are seen as largely unsecured and very vulnerable to attack. This book addresses currently undocumented security issues affecting SCADA systems and overall critical infrastructure protection. The respective co-authors are among the leading experts in the world capable of addressing these related-but-independent concerns of SCADA security. Headline-making threats and countermeasures like malware, sidejacking, biometric applications, emergency communications, security awareness llanning, personnel & workplace preparedness and bomb threat planning will be addressed in detail in this one of a kind book-of-books dealing with the threats to critical infrastructure protection. They collectivly have over a century of expertise in their respective fields of infrastructure protection. Included among the contributing authors are Paul Henry, VP of Technology Evangelism, Secure Computing, Chet Hosmer, CEO and Chief Scientist at Wetstone Technologies, Phil Drake, Telecommunications Director, The Charlotte Observer, Patrice Bourgeois, Tenable Network Security, Sean Lowther, President, Stealth Awareness and Jim Windle, Bomb Squad Commander, CMPD.

IT and IT security managers and staff, control system engineers and operators, SCADA operators and engineers, systems integrators, IT security researchers, law enforcement in government and private industry worldwide

Paperback, 352 Pages

Published: July 2008

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-282-9


  • ForewordChapter 1: Physical Security: SCADA and the Critical Infrastructure's Biggest VulnerabilityChapter 2: Supervisory Control and Data AcquisitionChapter 3: SCADA Security Assessment MethodologyChapter 4: Developing an Effective Security Awareness ProgramChapter 5: Working with Law Enforcement on SCADA IncidentsChapter 6:Locked but Not Secure: An Overview of Conventional and High Security LocksChapter 7: Bomb Threat Planning: Things Have ChangedChapter 8: Biometric Authentication for SCADA SecurityAppendix: Personal, Workforce, and Family PreparednessIndex


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