Team Sports Marketing


  • Kirk Wakefield, Chair, Dept of Marketing, Baylor University, Texas

Some might argue that sports marketing is a mere subfield of marketing, meaning that there are theoretical and practical dimensions that apply only to sports marketing and are only of interest to those involved in sports. In Team Sports Marketing, author Kirk Wakefield dispels this argument by demonstrating that effective sports marketing epitomizes the science and art of marketing across any context. At the core of sports marketing is the creation and enhancement of fan identification, where consumers are not just loyal customers, but have become brand fanatics.Team Sports Marketing shows that while many aspects of sports marketing are thought to be unique to the field, other product and service sectors would do well to learn from teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL that have transformed customers into fans. Moving beyond principles of marketing, Team Sports Marketing is packed with examples of best practices and covering subjects as diverse as sponsorships, season ticket sales, venue management and all topics in between. Team Sports Marketing is a must read text for students and managers in professional and collegiate sports. Support materials for professors and students are available at
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Aimed at sports marketing classes (roughly 150+ in US) at the undergrad (senior) or grad level. The will include an international perspective. I do already use some reference to football/soccer and other int'l sports.


Book information

  • Published: December 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7979-4


“Kirk’s firsthand experience in working with teams and sponsors has given him an insight into what makes a successful sports marketing partnership, and that experience and insight is on full display in this book.” -- John Vidalin, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Houston Texans "This book sets the standard for sport marketing literature by providing a good overview of both basic and detailed sport marketing concepts and how they are applied to the sport product. With clear and concise real world examples based on extensive research this book delivers a quality instructional and practical guide for the serious sport manager. Clearly and engagingly written, it combines great insight gained from in-depth research and practical application to illustrate how the business behind the sport industry works. For its substance, it should be within easy reach of anyone interested in managing in sport." -- David Peart, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, San Francisco 49ers "Team Sports Marketing represents the cutting edge in sports marketing knowledge and practice. Kirk's extensive experience with professional sports teams at all levels and all types, coupled with well-founded theory and research, makes this a perfect book for sports marketing classes everywhere. This book was written for professors who want to give their students the best preparation for landing that entry level positon in professional sports and to enable them to move up the ladder in the sports industry." -- Scott Kelley, Professor of Marketing and Director of the UK Center for Sports Marketing, Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky "Team Sports Marketing provides a comprehensive overview of the key disciplines within Sports Marketing and is a solid foundation for anyone wanting to learn the business." -- Eric Fernandez, Executive Director, Sponsorships, AT&T ”Kirk Wakefield has crafted a textbook that is quite useful for students, scholars and faculty members interested in sport marketing. Kirk combines humour, accepted marketing theory and practice, and empirically tested research to provide readers with material that can be applied to the discipline. Those interested in obtaining a better understanding of sport marketing will find this book ideal.” -- Gregg Bennett, Director, Sport Marketing Lab, Assistant Professor, Sport Management, Texas A&M University Baylor University marketing professor Kirk L. Wakefield begins with the premise that building fan identification embodies the science and art of being able to market in any context. This book then moves beyond explaining how NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball teams have succeeded at the marketing game by providing examples of best practices for sports teams of all levels. Tackling such subjects as sponsorships, season-ticket sales and venue management. Wakefield enlivens his copy with frequent stabs at humor, as well as photographs, tables and sidebars.- Michael Popke, Athletic Business, March 2007

Table of Contents

What Is Team Sports Marketing; Sell an Identity; Precision Marketing; Research Your Fans; Build the Season Ticket Base; Build Value; Build it and They Will Come; Create Sponsorship Partners; Create Sponsorship Value; Move Merchandise; Create Technological Advantages; Build Community