Tailor Welded Blanks for Advanced Manufacturing book cover

Tailor Welded Blanks for Advanced Manufacturing

Tailor welded blanks are metallic sheets made from different strengths, materials, and/or thicknesses pre-welded together before forming into the final component geometry. By combining various sheets into a welded blank, engineers are able to ‘tailor’ the blank so that the properties are located precisely where they are needed and cost-effective, low weight components are produced. Tailor welded blanks for advanced manufacturing examines the manufacturing of tailor welded blanks and explores their current and potential future applications.

Part one investigates processing and modelling issues in tailor welded blank manufacturing. Chapters discuss weld integrity, deformation during forming and the analytical and numerical simulation modelling of tailor welded blanks for advanced manufacturing. Part two looks at the current and potential future applications of tailor welded blanks. Chapters review tailor welded blanks of lightweight metals and of advanced high-strength steel and finally discuss the uses of tailor-welded blanks in the automotive and aerospace industries.

With its distinguished editors and international team of expert contributors, Tailor welded blanks for advanced manufacturing proves an invaluable resource for metal fabricators, product designers, welders, welding companies, suppliers of welding machinery and anyone working in industries that use advanced materials such as in automotive and aerospace engineering. Engineers and academics involved in manufacturing and metallurgy may also find this book a useful reference.

Hardbound, 240 Pages

Published: July 2011

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-704-4


  • Part 1 Processing and modeling: Weld integrity of tailor welded blanks; Deformation of tailor welded blanks during forming; Mechanics based modelling of tailor welded blank forming; Numerical simulation modelling of tailor welded blank forming. Part 2 Applications: Light weight metal alloy tailor welded blanks; Advanced high-strength steel, tailor-welded blanks (AHSS-TWBs); Tailor-welded blanks for the automotive industry; Tailor-made blanks for the aerospace industry.


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