Tailless Aircraft book cover

Tailless Aircraft

The book discusses the full range of tailless designs, from hanggliders to the US 'Stealth Bomber', and includes a detailed look at particularly significant designs. The authors' own experience in this field allows them to explain and illustrate the topic in a way that will both appeal to the enthusiast and satisfy the professional aerodynamicist's need for academic rigour: a rare mix of sound science and first hand experience.

University and technical libraries with aeronautical interest; postgraduate and postdoctoral aeronautical researchers; flight enthusiasts for powered flight, gliders, hanggliders, microlights and aeronautical history; designers of model aircrafts.

Hardbound, 512 Pages

Published: September 1994

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-340-61402-0


  • Introduction * Aerodynamic basic principles * Stability * Control * Flight characteristics * The design of sweptback flying wings: I. Optimisation II. Fundamentals III. Special problems * Hanggliders * Flying models * Fables, misjudgements and prejudices, fairy tales and myths * Discussion of representative tailless aircraft * Bibliography * Name, aircraft and subject index.


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