Tables: Compressible Flow of Dry Air


  • E. Houghton
  • A. Brock

This is the third edition of a book which has consistently fulfilled its aim of making a low-priced collection of tables available to the student and practicing engineer. In the second edition all parameters were made non-dimensional. This new edition now includes and additional table of Isentropic flow; it is hoped that this inclusion will significantly increase the range of application of the book's data.
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Book information

  • Published: September 1975
  • ISBN: 978-0-7131-3352-3

Table of Contents

PART I. TEXT (1) Basic Flow Equations * (2) Isentropic Flow * (3) Prandtl-Meyer Expansive Flow * (4) Flow in a constant area duct with heat exchange * (5) Flow in a constant area duct with wall friction (6) Plane Normal Shock Flow * (7) Plane Oblique Shock Flow * Explanation of Table Parameters.PART II. TABLES (I) Isentropic Flow parameters with appropriate expansive-flow deflexions * (II) Flow with heat exchange in constant area duct * (III) Flow with surface friction in constant area duct * (IV) Plane Normal Shock Flow with Rayleigh's Pitot Tube in Supersonic Flow' relation * (V) Plane Oblique Shock Flow.