Tabbner's Nursing Care

Theory and Practice

An updated new edition of the must-have textbook for Diploma of Nursing students in Australia and New Zealand.

Now in its sixth edition, Tabbner’s Nursing Care: Theory and Practice continues to meet the needs of Diploma of Nursing students.

Featuring a fresh approach and significantly revised content, this new edition of the popular nursing textbook reflects the current issues and scope of practice for all enrolled nurses, including recent regulations changes under National Registration.

Procedural Guidelines are highlighted throughout this sixth edition of Tabbner’s Nursing Care: Theory and Practice. The text incorporates a ‘lifespan approach’ and features four new chapters highlighting contemporary nursing issues - Leadership and Management; Older Adulthood; Acute Care and Rural and Remote Care.

The Australian and New Zealand team of editors and contributors have ensured a holistic, person-centred approach to client care, allowing students to appreciate the skill and scope required to be a competent enrolled nurse. They have also strengthened the text’s critical thinking and problem solving elements for students, with review questions, clinical interest boxes and case studies for reflection and deeper learning.

This thousand-page nursing bible also features new full-colour design, which highlights the pedagogy and provides ease of navigation and a visual aid to learning.

Enrolled nursing students


Published: November 2012

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-8114-1


  • Unit 1 - The evolution of the nursing profession

    Chapter 1

    Nursing: historical, present and future perspectives

    Jodie Hughson

    Chapter 2

    Legal and ethical aspects of nursing care

    Kalpana Raghunathan

    Chapter 3

    Nursing Research

    Leah East

    Unit 2 - The contemporary health care environment

    Chapter 4

    Systems of health care delivery

    Goetz Ottman

    Chapter 5

    Health promotion and education & Health and Wellness

    Marguerite Hoiby

    Chapter 6


    Jodie Hughson

    Chapter 7

    Leadership & management NEW

    Gabby Koutoukidis

    Unit 3 - Health beliefs, Cultural Diversity and safety

    Chapter 8

    Cultural diversity in Australia and New Zealand

    Robyn Williams

    Chapter 9

    Indigenous Health

    Robyn Williams

    Unit 4 - Nursing care throughout the lifespan

    Chapter 10

    Theories of growth and development: conception through to late childhood

    Andree Gamble

    Chapter 11

    Growth and development: late childhood through to adolescence

    Margaret Webb

    Chapter 12

    Growth and development from the younger adult through to the older adult

    Christine Baker

    Chapter 13

    Older adult hood NEW

    Carol Barbeler

    Unit 5 - Critical thinking and reflective practice

    Chapter 14

    Critical thinking, problem based learning and reflective practice

    Valerie Zielinski

    Chapter 15

    Components of the nursing process

    Gillianne Meek

    Chapter 16

    Documentation and reporting skills

    Cindy Stainton

    Unit 6 - Health Assessment

    Chapter 17

    General health assessment

    Shyamala Munusamy

    Chapter 18

    Vital signs

    Amy Dearsley

    Chapter 19

    Admission transfer and discharge process

    Louise Alexander

    Unit 7 - Basic Health Care Needs

    Chapter 20

    Infection prevention and control

    Teresa Lewis

    Chapter 21

    Hygiene and comfort

    Carmel Duff

    Chapter 22


    Adriana Tiziani

    Unit 8 - Health promotion and psychosocial & physiological nursing care

    Chapter 23

    Oxygenation (change title)

    Kylie Porritt

    Chapter 24

    Meeting Fluid and electrolyte needs

    Katie Piper

    Chapter 25

    Rest and sleep

    Carol Barbeler

    Chapter 26

    Movement and exercise

    Susan Lanyon

    Chapter 27

    Skin integrity and wound care

    Greer Hosking

    Chapter 28


    Lucinda Brown

    Chapter 29

    Urinary elimination

    Susan Brown

    Chapter 30

    Bowel elimination

    Susan Brown

    Chapter 31

    Pain management

    Yangama Jokwiro

    Chapter 32

    Sensory abilities

    Suzanne McArthur

    Chapter 33

    Neurological health

    Fiona Skene

    Chapter 34

    Endocrine health

    John Elias

    Chapter 35

    Reproductive health

    Christine Baker

    Unit 9 - Health Care in Specialised Practice areas

    Chapter 36

    Palliative care

    Jacqui Allen

    Chapter 37

    Mental Health

    Finbar Hopkins

    Chapter 38

    Rehabilitation nursing

    Kate Stainton

    Chapter 39

    Behavioural and social aspects of disability

    Trevor Skerry

    Chapter 40

    Acute Care NEW

    Michelle Hall

    Chapter 41

    Perioperative nursing

    Karen Stilo

    Chapter 42

    Emergency care

    Jen Jennings

    Chapter 43

    Maternal and newborn care

    Kate Stainton

    Chapter 44

    Community based care

    Anne Moates

    Chapter 45

    Rural and remote Care NEW

    Robyn Williams


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