Systems for Planning and Control in Manufacturing book cover

Systems for Planning and Control in Manufacturing

The book is divided into two sections:Section 1 - Introduces the subject as a whole and describes the key generic tools and techniques to support the manufacturing organisation.Section 2 - Modern planning and control methods at a detailed level.

Undergraduate engineering students and practitioners working in industry. Undergraduate courses in manufacturing, mechanical engineering and management. courses in general. Practical use in industry.

Paperback, 297 Pages

Published: June 2002

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-4977-3


  • Foreword; Introduction; Section 1 - The Manufacturing Enterprise; Manufacturing systems; Financial accounting; Management accounting; Management of Design; Exercises; Section 2 - Information Systems in Manufacturing; Introduction to systems analysis; System design; Data analysis; Databases; Business process re-engineering; Exercises; Section 3 - Quantitative Methods; Probability and statistics; Forecasting; Optimisation; Evaluating alternatives; Simulation; Project management; Exercises; Section 4 - Planning Scheduling and Logistics; Open-loop control systems; Closed loop MRP; Master production scheduling; Finite and infinite capacity planning; Just in time; Quality; Plant management; Exercises; Index


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