Systems Biomedicine

Concepts and Perspectives

Edited by

  • Edison Liu, Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore
  • Douglas Lauffenburger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA

Systems biology is a critical emerging field that quantifies and annotates the complexity of biological systems in order to construct algorithmic models to predict outcomes from component input. Applications in medicine are revolutionizing our understanding of biological processes and systems.

Systems Biomedicine is organized around foundations, computational modeling, network biology, and integrative biology, with the extension of examples from human biology and pharmacology, to focus on the applications of systems approaches to medical problems. An integrative approach to the underlying genomic, proteomic, and computational biology principles provides researchers with guidance in the use of qualitative systems and hypothesis generators. To reflect the highly interdisciplinary nature of the field, careful detail has been extended to ensure explanations of complex mathematical and biological principles are clear with minimum technical jargon.
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cell, molecular, and developmental biology, genetics/ genomics, mathematics, biotechnology, biological and chemical engineering, physiology, and bioinformatics researchers involved in systems biology studies; students of systems biology


Book information

  • Published: September 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-372550-9

Table of Contents

I. Foundations of Systems BiologyGenomic Technologies for Systems BiologyProteomic TechnologiesII. Computational Modeling of Biological SystemsDynamic Systems AnalysisSpatio-temoral Modeling of Cellular SystemsHigh-level modeling of biological networksHigh-Performance ComputingModeling SoftwareIII. Network BiologyProtein Interaction NetworksSignaling Networks with Modeling StrategiesProtein networks in integrin-mediated adhesionsNetwork ImagingRNAi networksIV. Integrative Biology of Higher BiosystemsSignal Processing and Integration During DevelopmentSystems Biology and Stem Cell BiologyApplication of immunologic modeling in drug discovery and developmentV. Systems Medicine ApplicationsSystems Pharmacology