System Architecture with XML


  • Berthold Daum, Bdaum Industrial Communication, Darmstadt, Germany.
  • Udo Merten, Dr. Merten + Steinke Information Management, Siegen, Germany.

XML is bringing together some fairly disparate groups into a new cultural clash: document developers trying to understand what a transaction is, database analysts getting upset because the relational model doesn't fit anymore, and web designers having to deal with schemata and rule based transformations. The key to rising above the confusion is to understand the different semantic structures that lie beneath the standards of XML, and how to model the semantics to achieve the goals of the organization. A pure architecture of XML doesn't exist yet, and it may never exist as the underlying technologies are so diverse. Still, the key to understanding how to build the new web infrastructure for electronic business lies in understanding the landscape of these new standards.If your background is in document processing, this book will show how you can use conceptual modeling to model business scenarios consisting of business objects, relationships, processes, and transactions in a document-centric way. Database designers will learn if XML is subject to relational normalization and how this fits in with the hierarchical structure of XML documents. Web designers will discover that XML puts them into a position to automatically generate visually pleasing web pages and rich multimedia shows from otherwise dry product catalogues by using XSLT and other transformation tools. Business architects will see how XML can help them to define applications that can be quickly adapted the ever changing requirements of the market.
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Database designers, Web designers, business architects, and document designers.


Book information

  • Published: June 2002
  • ISBN: 978-1-55860-745-3


"In a fast moving, dynamic environment like XML and system design, it is hard to keep up and understand the principles underlying the technologies. In System Architecture with XML, Daum and Merten capture the fundamentals of three fields that are shaping XML in a way provides insight critical to building effective and persistent XML based system architectures." —Dave Hollander, CTO of Contivo, Inc. and cochair of the W3C XML Schema Work Group "This inspiring and lively book is a solid and practical guide for IT architects." —Efstratios Koutiris, IT Architect "System Architecture with XML covers today's most important issues in XML specifications and technology. It is a 'must read' for architects who need to integrate XML into their enterprise systems." —Tom Marrs, Senior J2EE/XML Architect, Distributed Computing Solutions, Inc. "A well-researched book, from a solid real world perspective. It gives a broad overview of XML systems architecture on top of a strong foundation." —Daniel Krech, Semantic Web Developer/Architect, "System Architecture with XML brings together object-oriented and relational theory with XML best practice, and it introduces a wide-ranging survey of current techniques and cutting-edge tools for XML application developers. I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the basics and beyond about the design of XML systems." —Jeni Tennison, Director, Jeni Tennison Consulting, Ltd. "The whole world is talking XML, and the ramifications of its universal adoption are only beginning to surface. Whole business models will be affected by it; whole new business interests are being pursued because of it. The software industry itself will be rocked by it more than it cares to admit. This is so because XML brings us into the promised land of componentware."—From the foreword by Dr. Peter Mossack, VP, Software AG.

Table of Contents

Foreword. Preface. Scenario. Groundwork. Structure. Meaning. Modeling Processes. History. Hypermedia. Presentation Formats. Transformation. Infrastructure. Solutions. Glossary. Bibliography.