Symmetry and Group theory in Chemistry book cover

Symmetry and Group theory in Chemistry

A comprehensive discussion of group theory in the context of molecular and crystal symmetry, this book covers both point-group and space-group symmetries.

Undergraduate chemistry students


Published: September 1998

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-898563-39-6


  • A comprehensive airing on space groups. Commendable, with a good selection of problems, many with full model answers., Chemistry in Britain
    A necessary part of any modern course., Professor Lord Lewis formerly University of Cambridge, UK
    Treats the subject matter in a logical sequence, thoroughly and in depth, forming an excellent text for a major core or third year course., Dr John Burgess, Fellow in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Leicester


  • Symmetry everywhere; Symmetry operations and symmetry elements; Group theory and point groups; Representations and character tables; Group theory and wave functions; Group theory and chemical bonding; Group theory, Molecular vibrations and electron transitions; Group theory and crystal symmetry; Appendices; Tutorial solutions; References and Index.


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