Switch-Mode Power Converters

Design and Analysis


  • Keng Wu, Lockheed Martin, Maritime Systems & Sensors, Moorestown, NJ, USA

This book introduces an innovative, highly analytical approach to symbolic, closed-form solutions for switched-mode power converter circuits. This is a highly relevant topic to power electronics students and professionals who are involved in the design and analysis of electrical power converters. The author uses extensive equations to explain how solid-state switches convert electrical voltages from one level to another, so that electronic devices (e.g., audio speakers, CD players, DVD players, etc.) can use different voltages more effectively to perform their various functions. Most existing comparable books published as recently as 2002 do not discuss closed-loop operations, nor do they provide either DC closed-loop regulation equations or AC loop gain (stability) formulae. The author Wu, a leading engineer at Lockheed Martin, fills this gap and provides among the first descriptions of how error amplifiers are designed in conjunction with closed-loop bandwidth selection.BENEFIT TO THE READER: Readers will gain a mathematically rigorous introduction to numerous, closed-form solutions that are readily applicable to the design and development of various switch-mode power converters.
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PRIMARY MARKET: As a reference for Ph.D. students and professors in Power Electronics; technical university libraries; individual researchers/engineers at governmental laboratories (e.g., ARL, NASA), companies that design or manufacture power converters (e.g., automotive├ó┬Ç┬Želectric/hybrid cars).SECONDARY MARKET: As a recommended reference/supplement in Power Electronics courses.


Book information

  • Published: October 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-088795-8

Table of Contents

Ch.1. Isolated Step-down (Buck) ConverterCh.2. Push-Pull Converter with Current-mode Control and Slope CompensationCh.3. Non-isolated Forward Converter with Average Current-mode ControlCh.4. Phase-shifted Full-bridge ConvertersCh.5. Current-fed Push-pull ConvertersCh.6. Isolated Flyback ConvertersCh.7. Non-isolated Boost ConverterCh.8 Quasi-Resonant ConvertersCh.9. Class-E Resonant ConverterCh.10. AC-DC Power Factor Correction SuppliesCh.11 Error AmplifiersCh.12. Supporting CircuitsCh.13. State Space Average and Cuk ConverterCh.14. SimulationCh. 15. Power Quality