Sustainability in Engineering Design


  • Anthony Johnson, Design Engineer and Educator responsible for Engineering Design in the Department of Engineering and Technology at the University of Huddersfield
  • Andy Gibson, Managing Director of Segelocum Ltd, a customer-focused designed education consultancy firm

Designed for use in engineering design courses, and as a reference for industry professionals learning sustainable design concepts and practical methods, Sustainability in Engineering Design focuses on designers as the driving force behind sustainable products. This book introduces sustainability concepts and explains the application of sustainable methods to the engineering design process.

The book also covers important design topics such as project and team management, client management, performance prediction, and the social and environmental effects of sustainable engineering design. These concepts and methods are supported with a wealth of worked examples, discussion questions, and primary case studies to aid comprehension.

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Product design courses in departments of mechanical engineering and engineering technology; product designers, product engineers, and product team managers.


Book information

  • Published: February 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-099369-0

Table of Contents

1.0 Engineering Design and Sustainability Integration: An Overview
2.0 The Requirements of the Client
3.0 Managing Design, the Process and Teamwork
4.0 Design Approach
5.0 Sustainability Integrated into the Normal Design Process
6.0 Factors to Consider at the Beginning of a Design
7.0 Tools of the Design Process
8.0 Design of the Concept
9.0 Performance Prediction
10.0  Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
11.0  The Need for Sustainability
12.0  Life Cost
13.0 Strategic Sustainability
14.0  Embedding Sustainable Design
15.0 Predicting the Future