Surviving in the Security Alarm Business


  • Lou Sepulveda, VP Dealer Development & Security Pro Dealer Group

In the very competitive security alarm business, companies are finding themselves more and more burdened with the responsibility of preparing corporate mission statements, paradigm analyses, and corporate reengineering plans. Surviving in the Security Alarm Business will help explain their importance, how to perform them, and what the expected result will be.
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Book information

  • Published: September 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7098-2

Table of Contents

Pick Your Battlefield The Battle Plan Finding the Right Soldiers - the Selection Process The Entrance Exam Battlefield Phobias Behavioral Study Boot Camp - Don't Blame the Untrained Train the Troops to Close the Sale Answers to Common Objections Motivate the Troops The Steps of Selling Success See the People - Lead Generation Develop Leaders - Lead, Follow, oe Get out of the Way Keep Management Focused on Taking the Next Hill Know the Enemy (the Competition) - Its Strenghts and Weaknesses Compensation Plan Assemble the Troops - Sales Meetings Motivate Battlefield Incentives - Sales Contests Medals of Honor - Awards and Commendations Heal the Sick, Rehabilitate the Wounded, Bury the Dead A Case Study