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Surgery of the Skin

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"Sets a new standard for future textbooks of dermatologic surgery." (JAAD, Feb 2006) Featuring the work of international experts, this resource uses a state-of-the-art, interactive approach to depict the art and practice of dermatologic surgery. Four separate sections sequentially cover the entire spectrum of skin surgery—from basic concepts and basic surgical procedures to aesthetic surgical procedures and special procedures. A bonus DVD-ROM features all of the artwork from the book, invaluable video clips covering both common and uncommon procedures—all from the surgeon's point of view.

Dermatologists, Family Medicine Specialists & Internists


Published: February 2005

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-02752-6


  • I. Basic surgical concepts

    1. Skin structure and surgical anatomy

    2. Aseptic technique

    3. Anesthesia and analgesia

    4. Instruments and materials

    5. Patient evaluation, informed consent, preoperative assessment and care

    6. Digital imaging in dermatologic surgery

    7. Wound healing

    8. Dressings/post-op care

    9. Antibiotics

    10. Large equipment and design of the surgical suite, including monitoring devices

    11. Dermatology office accreditation

    II. Essential surgical skills

    12. Electrosurgery, electrocoagulation, electrofulguration, electrodesiccation, electrrosection and electrocautery

    13. Cryosurgery

    14. Skin biopsy techniques

    15. Incision, draining and exterioization techniques

    16. Suturing technique and other closure materials

    17. Hemostasis

    18. Ellipse, ellipse variations, and dog-ear repairs

    19. Layered closures, complex closures with suspension sutures and plication of SMAS

    20. Repair of the split earlobe, ear piercing, and earlobe reduction

    21. Random pattern cutaneous flaps

    22. Axial pattern flaps

    23. Skin grafting

    24. Regional reconstruction: trunk, extremities, hands, feet, face (perioral, periorbital, cheek, nose, forehead, ear, neck, scalp)

    25. Scar revision

    III. Aesthetic surgical procedures

    26. Psychosocial issues and the cosmetic surgery patient

    27. Evaluation and management of the aging face

    28. Soft-tissue augmentation

    29. Chemical peels

    30. Implants

    31. Use of botulinum toxin type A in facial rejuvenation

    32. Liposuction

    33. Autologous fat transfer: Evolving concepts and techniques

    34. Follicular unit hair transplantation

    35. Laser hair removal

    36. Microdermabrasion and dermabrasion

    37. Laser treatment of tattoos and pigmented lesions

    38. Laser skin resurfacing: Ablative and non-ablative

    39. Laser treatment of vascular conditions

    40. Endovenous ablation techniques with ambulatory phlebectomy for varicose veins

    41. Minimum incision face lift

    42. Blepharoplasty and browlift

    43. Rejuvenation of the neck using liposuction and other techniques

    IV. Special procedures

    44. Keloid management

    45. Nail surgery

    46. Leg ulcer management

    47. Benign subcutaneous lesions: cysts and lipomas

    48. Mohs micrographic surgery and cutaneous oncology

    49. Skin cancer in the organ transplant patient

    50. Management of Dysplastic Nevi and Melanoma



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