Surface Production Operations: Volume II: Design of Gas-Handling Systems and Facilities, 3rd Edition book cover

Surface Production Operations: Volume II: Design of Gas-Handling Systems and Facilities, 3rd Edition

In this updated third edition, experts Stewart and Arnold share their many valuable years of in-the-field and classroom experience. This new edition includes greatly expanded chapters on gas-liquid separation, gas sweetening, gas liquefaction and gas dehydration- the information that is necessary and endemic to production and process engineers. With this book's clear presentation, engineers will understand the basic concepts and techniques needed to design specify and operate gas field onshore and offshore production facilities.

This third edition of Design of Gas-Handling Systems and Facilities puts the most current information about gas-handling systems and facilities at your fingertips. Packed with charts, tables, and diagrams, this authoritative book provides practicing engineer and senior field personnel with a quick but rigorous exposition of the latest technologies in piping and pipeline, pumps and compressor systems, mechanical design and specification. This is accompanied by the prerequisite ASME and API codes. The book also includes a new chapter on environmental health and safety.

This book walks you through the equipment and processes used in gas-handling operations to help you design and manage a production facility. Production engineers will keep this volume on the desktop for the latest information on how to design, specify, and operate gas-handling systems and facilities. The book allows engineers with little or background in production facility design to easily locate details about equipment, processes, and design parameters. With this book, engineers will easily comprehend the techniques of handling produced fluids from gas wells so your facility can be more efficient and productive.


Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Production Engineer, Drilling Engineer, Completion Engineer, Operations Engineer, Drilling Manager, Operations Manager, Project Production Engineer, and Project Reservoir Engineer

Hardbound, 720 Pages

Published: August 2014

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-12-382207-9


    1. Overview of gas-handling facilities
    2. Heat transfer theory
    3. Heat exchangers
    4. Hydrates
    5. LTX units and indirect fired heaters
    6. Condensate stabilization
    7. Acid gas treating
    8. Gas dehydration
    9. Gas processing
    10. Gas Liquefaction
    11. Compressors
    12. Reciprocating compressors
    13. Mechanical design of pressure vessels
    14. Pressure relief
    15. Safety systems
    16. Valves, fittings, and piping details
    17. Prime movers
    18. Electrical systems
    19. Safety and Environmental Management


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