Supramolecular Reactivity and Transport: Bioinorganic Systems book cover

Supramolecular Reactivity and Transport: Bioinorganic Systems

In this volume, an overview of the expanse of bioinorganic systems that involve supramolecular chemistry has been assembled. It commences with introductions to the supramolecular aspects of bioinorganic synthetic analogues and of metalloprotein structure and function. From there, a range of topics involving diverse metallobiomolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, and their synthetic analogues) are developed.


Published: March 1999

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-042717-1


  • Introduction to synthetic analogue chemistry (J.P. Collman, X. Zhang). Metalloprotein structure and function (R.J.P. Williams). Ferritin and iron biomineralization (G.S. Waldo, E.C. Thiel). Biomimetic coordination polymers (C-T. Chen). Biomimetic shape-selective oxidations (K.S. Suslick, S. van Duesen-Jeffries). Small substrate recognition in heme proteins (P.M. Champion, J.T. Sage). Protein-protein recognition in long-distance electron transfer (F.S. Millett, B. Durham). Electron transfer (F.S. Millett, B. Durham). Metal binding effects on nucleic acid structures (K. Akoi). Nucleic acid structure recognition (C.M. Dupureur, J.K. Barton). Footprinting of nucleic acids by iron-based reagents (T.D. Tullius).


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