Supramolecular Photosensitive and Electroactive Materials book cover

Supramolecular Photosensitive and Electroactive Materials

In the last decade, much progress has been made in these materials. This book presents a highly coherent coverage of supramolecular, photosensitive and electroactive materials, namely those that have been extensively investigated for applications in fields of electronic and photonic technologies. This extensive reference provides broad coverage of on different types of materials, their processing, spectroscopic characterization, physical properties and device applications.The implications reach from molecular recognition in synthetic and natural complexes to exciting new applications in chemical technologies, materials, nanostructures, functional materials, new generation catalysts, signal transducers, medical and biomedical applications and novel separation techniques. All these applications rely on supramolecular properties such as molecular recognition, molecular information, and tailored molecular assemblies.This book is aimed to present a highly coherent coverage of supramolecular, photosenstive and electroactive materials and their applications in electronic and photonic technologies. The research behind these materials constitute some of the most actively pursued fields of science.

This book is aimed for the scientists and upper level graduate students working in organic chemistry, materials science, solid state physics,biotechnology, optical engineering and photophysics, electrical and electronic engineering, microelectronics, tribology, liquic crystals displays, information technology and semiconductor industries.


Published: April 2001

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-513904-5


  • Phthalocyanines: Synthesis, SupramolecularOrganization, and Physical PropertiesSandwich-Type Phthalocyaninato and PorphyrinatoMetal ComplexesElectronic Properties of Molecular OrganicSemiconductor Thin FilmsPolydiacetylenesStructural and Optical Properties of ConjugatedMolecules in Perhydrotriphenylene (PHTP) and inOther Channel-Forming Inclusion CompoundsCharge Transfer Properties of Photosynthetic andRespiratory ProteinsOptical and Electronic Properties of Carbon NitridePolyimides for Microelectronics and TribologyApplicationsAnomalous Charge Transport and Polarization inSemiconductors Oxides and Porous Film ElectrodesElectroactive and Photoactive DendrimersElectrical Properties of Organic Monolayer Films


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