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Superconductivity, 2E is an encyclopedic treatment of all aspects of the subject, from classic materials to fullerenes. Emphasis is on balanced coverage, with a comprehensive reference list and significant graphicsfrom all areas of the published literature. Widely used theoretical approaches are explained in detail. Topics of special interest include high temperature superconductors, spectroscopy, critical states, transport properties, and tunneling.This book covers the whole field of superconductivity from both the theoretical and the experimental point of view.

Research workers in Universities, industry and government laboratories, graduate students, physics and engineering professors

Hardbound, 670 Pages

Published: July 2007

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-088761-3


  • PrefaceChapter 1. Properties of the Normal StateChapter 2. Phenomenon of SuperconductivityChapter 3. Classical SuperconductorsChapter 4. Thermodynamic PropertiesChapter 5. Magnetic PropertiesChapter 6. Ginzburg-Landau TheoryChapter 7. BCS TheoryChapter 8. Cuprate Crystallographic StructuresChapter 9. Unconventional SuperconductorsChapter 10. Hubbard Models and Band StructureChapter 11. Type I Superconductors and the Intermediate StateChapter 12. Type II SuperconductivityChapter 13. Irreversible PropertiesChapter 14. Magnetic Penetration DepthChapter 15. Energy Gap and TunnelingChapter 16. Transport PropertiesChapter 17. Spectroscopic Properties


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