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History, Technology, Applications & Industry

Sulfur is devoted to the methods of production and applications as they intertwined during different stages of industrial and technological developments. Commercial sulfuric acid production from the early 16th century until today is reviewed, spanning the Ancient and Renaissance periods, the Industrial Age (to which sulfur was vitally important), and the Sulfur War of 1840. The book introduces "the Sulfur Age" and the processes of this period -- such as the Nordhausen, Bell and Leblanc methods --, then goes on to review native sulfur production in Sicily, once a major supplier to the world. The 'Frasch method' is also covered in detail.

Moving to present day, the book presents "recovered" sulfur -- derived from sour gas and oil -- which constitutes 90% of today's elemental sulfur supply, and looks to Canada, a powerhouse supplier of Recovered Sulfur. An entire chapter is devoted to the modern-day sulfur entrepreneur, with a profile of various investors (from the reluctant to the private and institutional), and evaluates the benefits of adopting new and revolutionary technologies. Finally, the book forecasts the sulfur industry's future and potential supply sources, such as worldwide oil sands.


Sulfur manufacturers, suppliers and traders, chemists and chemistry students, oil industry professionals, historians of business, science and technology.

Hardbound, 260 Pages

Published: September 2013

Imprint: Chemtec

ISBN: 978-1-895-19867-6


  • 1 Le Roi du Sol

    2 The Sulfur Age

    3 Native Sulfur - Sicily

    4 Frasch Sulfur – Texas/Louisiana

    5 Recovered Sulfur - Alberta

    6 Future Sulfur - Oil Sands

    7 The Sulfur Entrepreneur References

    Appendix I. Sulexco Agreements

    Appendix II. FTC Review of Sulexco

    Appendix III. Global Sulfur Production



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