Sulfur Reagents in Organic Synthesis book cover

Sulfur Reagents in Organic Synthesis

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Graduate students, researchers, and industrial chemists in organic synthesis.

Hardbound, 200 pages

Published: October 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-690770-4


  • This book is highly recommended for the practicing chemist as a source for the preparation and use of sulfur reagents in organic synthesis. Anyone with an interest in sulfur chemistry will find this book a useful addition to their library. Students and the academic community can use this book at the advanced or undergraduate level as an introduction to selected topics of organosulfur chemistry.
    --August A. Gallo, University of Southwestern Louisiana in JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMISTRY SOCIETY


  • Introduction. Preparation of Organosulfur Reagents: Thiols. Sulfides. Disulfides and Polysulfides. Thio- and Dithioacetals and Related Compounds. Ketenedithioacetals and (-Oxoketenedithioacetals. Sulfoxides. Sulfones. Thiocarbonyl Compounds. Sulfonium Salts and Sulfur Ylides. Functional Modifications with Organosulfur Compounds: Introduction of Unsaturation. Radical Deoxygenation of Alcohols: The Barton Reaction. Oxidations of Alcohols. Asymmetric Reduction. Decarboxylation. The Pummerer Rearrangement. Miscellaneous Reactions. Organosulfur Compounds as Intermediates in Organic Synthesis: A Word on Desulfurization. C&150;C Bond-Forming Reactions. C=C Bond-Forming Reactions. Three-Membered Ring-Forming Reactions. Cyclopropanation, Formation of Epoxides. Pericyclic Reactions of Organosulfur Compounds. References. Index of Compounds and Methods.


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