Sulfites, Selenites & Tellurites

Edited By

  • M.R. Masson, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK
  • H.D. Lutz
  • B. Engelen, University of Siegen, Siegen, BRD

This volume presents compilations and critical evaluations of reported solubility data for a wide range of compounds, including binary, ternary and more complex systems. The entire literature up to 1984 has been covered. Rigorous statistical procedures have been applied in the evaluations. For many of the ternary systems and some quaternary ones, computer-drawn phase diagrams are included (prepared to the same scale where possible to allow easy comparison).
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Of interest to physical, inorganic and analytical chemists, and those working in paper manufacture, fertilizer formulation and sugar refining.


Book information

  • Published: August 1986
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-032517-0

Table of Contents

Foreword. Preface. Introduction to the solubility of solids in liquids. Sodium sulfite. Sodium pyrosulfite. Potassium sulfite. Potassium pyrosulfite. Ammonium sulfite. Ammonium pyrosulfite. Beryllium sulfite. Magnesium sulfite. Calcium sulfite. Strontium sulfite. Barium sulfite. Manganese(II) sulfite. Iron(II) sulfite. Cobalt(II) sulfite. Nickel(II) sulfite. Copper(I) sulfite. Copper(I,II) sulfite. Silver sulfite. Zinc sulfite. Cadmium sulfite. Mercury(I) sulfite. Lead(II) sulfite. Sodium selenite. Potassium selenite. Alkali metal selenites. Sparingly soluble selenites. Tellurites. System index. Registry number index. Author index.