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Sugar Trading Manual

Since its launch, Sugar Trading Manual (STM) has established itself as the definitive information source for the sugar market worldwide. It is compiled from contributions by some of the most senior and widely respected figures in the international sugar trade. This edition takes into account changes in all aspects of the business including production, markets, pricing, contracts, administration and management, and the influence of the major trading blocs. STM is an invaluable training resource for all new entrants to the industry as well as providing everyone already involved in the global sugar business with vital information on its day-to-day workings.


Published: May 2000

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-457-9


  • Novices and old hands will find it a worthwhile guide to consult. The editor has shown an experienced hand in bringing together highly renowned and authoritative authors, giving the manual a seal of quality., Peter Baron, Executive Director, International Sugar Organisation, London.


  • Part 1 The history of sugar: Early history; Sugar in the twentieth century. Part 2 The global picture: The current world picture; Costs of production; Alternative sweeteners; World fuel ethanol - analysis and outlook. Part 3 Physicals: Sugar pricing; Freight; Statistical analysis; The Sugar Association of London (SAL) and The Refined Sugar Association (RSA); Supervision; Sugar quality. Part 4 Futures: Futures and options; The exchanges; The investment funds and technical analysis. Part 5 Administration and management: Payment and documents; Accounting; Finance and risk management. Part 6 Regional markets: The European Union; The United States; Sugar markets of the Former Soviet Union (FSU) countries. Part 7 Appendices.


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