Sudden Death in Childhood book cover

Sudden Death in Childhood

Support for the Bereaved Family

To lose a child is not 'appropriate' and the feelings involved become even more difficult to deal with. Professionals are no more exempt from feelings of inadequacy in the face of grief than we are. Personal issues and beliefs complicate matters even further and for fear of intrusion much needed help is often not given. This comprehensive, practical text offers a range of ideas and materials that can assist reflective, research-based clinical practice in this area.
Ann Dent and Alison Stewart have researched and written extensively on family grief and this book is an extremely useful and comprehensive tool for all health professionals, as well as for students undertaking further postgraduate study.

Paperback, 268 Pages

Published: January 2004

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-5646-7


  • Introduction
    Loss as part of family life
    What is bereavement?
    The grief of parents
    The grief of children
    The grief of grandparents
    How can we help bevereaved families?
    How can health professionals help bereaved families in hospital?
    How can professionals help bereaved families in the community?
    Support for ourselves


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