Succeed or Sink book cover

Succeed or Sink

Business Sustainability Under Globalisation

Aimed at business strategists, policy makers, researchers and adult learners, this book has an Asian perspective on business sustainability and is about understanding how recent developments and future actions in one part of the world will have a global impact. The book magnifies the concept of so-called ‘globalisation’ and examines the topic of business sustainability from a broad and integrated approach to business: encapsulating people, prosperity and the planet. Furthermore, it acknowledges the contributions, challenges and potential of not only the big corporate houses, but also the smaller ones, in this situation. Chapters discuss the benefits organisations can attain with better governance, and social and environmental practices are also analysed.

Hardbound, 190 Pages

Published: November 2011

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-634-0


  • This book adds to the body of knowledge for organisations, industry / professional associations and government regulators who are interested in preserving business success, and provides a useful catalyst for action to move forward as a more sustainable society, Australian Instiute of Management


  • Introduction: Setting the context of business sustainability and globalisation; The depths and heights of business sustainability; Business sustainability in practice: Case studies and examples; The challenges and the future for business sustainability; Towards a business sustainability future; Conclusion: Business sustainability is beyond just lasting.


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