Subdivision Methods for Geometric Design book cover

Subdivision Methods for Geometric Design

A Constructive Approach

Subdivision Methods for Geometric Design provides computer graphics students and designers with a comprehensive guide to subdivision methods, including the background information required to grasp underlying concepts, techniques for manipulating subdivision algorithms to achieve specific effects, and a wide array of digital resources on a dynamic companion Web site. Subdivision Methods promises to be a groundbreaking book, important for both advanced students and working professionals in the field of computer graphics.

Software developers for CAD and CAM systems, geometric modeling researchers, mathematicians, and engineers, and graphics programmers

Hardbound, 320 pages

Published: October 2001

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-1-55860-446-9


  • Foreword PrefaceTable of Symbols Chapter 1 Subdivision: Functions as FractalsChapter 2 An Integral Approach to Uniform Subdivision Chapter 3 Convergence Analysis for Uniform Subdivision Schemes Chapter 4 A Differential Approach to Uniform Subdivision Chapter 5 Local Approximation of Global Differential Schemes Chapter 6 Variational Schemes for Bounded Domains Chapter 7 Averaging Schemes for Polyhedral Meshes Chapter 8 Spectral Analysis at an Extraordinary Vertex References Index


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