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Study Guide for Pharmacology and the Nursing Process

Study Guide for Pharmacology and the Nursing Process, 7th Edition, is designed to accompany the Lilley’s Pharmacology and the Nursing Process, 7th Edition textbook, preparing you for success in pharmacology and on the NCLEX Examination. Worksheets for each chapter include NCLEX-RN® Examination−style review questions, case studies, critical thinking and application questions, case studiesmultiple-choice questions, and other educationally sound rich learning activities.

Paperback, 248 Pages

Published: December 2012

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-09129-9


  • Student Study Tips

    1. The Nursing Process and Drug Therapy

    2. Pharmacologic Principles

    3. Lifespan Considerations

    4. Cultural, Legal, and Ethical Considerations

    5. Medication Errors: Preventing and Responding

    6. Patient Education and Drug Therapy

    7. Over-the-Counter Drugs and Herbal and Dietary Supplements

    8. Gene Therapy and Pharmacogenomics

    9. Photo Atlas of Drug Administration

    10. Analgesic Drugs

    11. General and Local Anesthetics

    12. Central Nervous System Depressants and Muscle Relaxants

    13. Central Nervous System Stimulants and Related Drugs

    14. Antiepileptic Drugs

    15. Antiparkinson Drugs

    16. Psychotherapeutic Drugs

    17. Substance Abuse

    18. Adrenergic Drugs

    19. Adrenergic-Blocking Drugs

    20. Cholinergic Drugs

    21. Cholinergic-Blocking Drugs

    22. Antihypertensive Drugs

    23. Antianginal Drugs

    24. Heart Failure Drugs

    25. Antidysrhythmic Drugs

    26. Coagulation Modifier Drugs

    27. Antilipemic Drugs

    28. Diuretic Drugs

    29. Fluids and Electrolytes

    30. Pituitary Drugs

    31. Thyroid and Antithyroid Drugs

    32. Antidiabetic Drugs

    33. Adrenal Drugs

    34. Women’s Health Drugs

    35. Men’s Health Drugs

    36. Antihistamines, Decongestants, Antitussives, and Expectorants

    37. Bronchodilators and Other Respiratory Drugs

    38. Antibiotics Part 1

    39. Antibiotics Part 2

    40. Antiviral Drugs

    41. Antitubercular Drugs

    42. Antifungal Drugs

    43. Antimalarial, Antiprotozoal, and Anthelmintic Drugs

    44. Antiinflammatory and Antigout Drugs

    45. Antineoplastic Drugs Part 1: Cancer Overview and Cell Cycle-Specific Drugs

    46. Antineoplastic Drugs Part 2: Cell Cycle-Nonspecific Drugs and Miscellaneous Drugs

    47. Biologic Response-Modifying and Antirheumatic Drugs

    48. Immunosuppressant Drugs

    49. Immunizing Drugs and Biochemical Terrorism

    50. Acid-Controlling Drugs

    51. Bowel Disorder Drugs

    52. Antiemetic and Antinausea Drugs

    53. Vitamins and Minerals

    54. Anemia Drugs

    55. Nutritional Supplements

    56. Dermatologic Drugs

    57. Ophthalmic Drugs

    58. Otic Drugs

    Overview of Dosage Calculations

    Answer Key


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