Study Guide for Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology book cover

Study Guide for Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology

Get the most out of your textbook with this helpful study tool! Corresponding to the chapters in Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology, 7th Edition, this study guide has been completely revised by the textbook author, Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, and offers a rich variety of learning resources to help you master nursing pharmacology. Worksheets in each chapter enhance your understanding of important pharmacology concepts with short answer, matching, multiple-choice, and multiple-select questions, plus math review, dosage calculation, and new crossword puzzles. New Critical Thinking activities emphasize clinical decision-making and prioritization.

Paperback, 176 Pages

Published: February 2012

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-07696-8


  • Unit One: General Principles of Pharmacology

    1. Pharmacology and the Nursing Process in LPN Practice

    2. Patient Teaching and Health Literacy

    3. Legal Aspects Affecting the Administration of Medications

    4. Foundations and Principles of Pharmacology

    5. Lifespan and Cultural Modifications

    6. Self-Care: Over-the-Counter Products, Herbal Therapies, and Drugs for Health Promotion

    Unit Two: Principles of Medication Administration

    7. Review of Mathematical Principles

    8. Mathematical Equivalents Used in Pharmacology

    9. Calculating Drug Dosages

    10. Preparing and Administering Medications

    Unit Three: Drug Groups

    11. Allergy and Respiratory Medications

    12. Antiinfective Medications

    13. Antivirals, Antiretrovirals, and Antifungal Medications

    14. Antineoplastic Medications

    15. Cardiovascular and Renal Medications

    16. Central and Peripheral Nervous System Medications

    17. Medications for Pain Management

    18. Antiinflammatory, Musculoskeletal, and Antiarthritis Medications

    19. Gastrointestinal Medications

    20. Hematologic Products

    21. Hormones and Steroids

    22. Immunologic Medications

    23. Topical Medications

    24. Vitamins and Minerals

    Medication Cards

    Inside back cover quick-reference resources: The Joint Commission Official Do Not Use List, Must-Know Drugs, Do-Not-Confuse Drugs


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