Studies in Natural Products Chemistry

Bioactive Natural Products (Part L)


  • Atta-ur- Rahman, University of Karachi, Pakistan

Natural Product Chemistry continues to expand to exciting new frontiers of great importance in medicine. Written by international authorities in various fields of natural product chemistry, this latest volume in the well-established series Studies in Natural Products Chemistry contains 23 chapters, covering topics ranging from immunosuppressant and antimalarial compounds to bioactive substances useful in cancer and neural diseases. This present volume, will again be of great interest to research scientists and scholars working in the exciting field of new drug discovery.
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Researchers in academia and industry involved in Natural Product Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry


Book information

  • Published: November 2005
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-52171-2

Table of Contents

Synthesis of immunosuppressant FR901483 and biogenetically related TAN1251 alkaloids (J. Bonjoch, F. Diaba).
Bioactive natural products from southern african marine invertebrates (M.T. Davies-Coleman).
Bioactive marine sesterterpenoids (S. de Rosa, M. Mitova).
Antimalarial lead compounds from marine organisms(E. Fattorusso, O. Taglialatela-Scafati).
Bioactive saponins with cancer related and immunomodulatory activity: Recent developments(M.-A. Lacaille-Dubois).
Chemical and biological aspects of iridoid bearing plants of temperate region (Neeraj Kumar et al.).
Iridoids and secoiridoids from Oleaceae (J.A. Pérez et al.).
Pharmacological activities of iridoids biosynthesized by route II (M. Gálvez et al.).
Chemistry and neurotrophic activity of seco-prezizaane- and anislactone-typesesquiterpenes from Illicium species(Yoshiyasu Fukuyama, Jian-Mei Huang).
New insights into the bioactivity of cucurbitacins(J. Luis Ríos et al.).
Griseofulvin and other biologically active halogen containing compounds from fungi (T. Řezanka, J. Spížek).
Bioactive alkaloids of fungal origin (Hideo Hayashi).
Chemistry and biological activities of naturally occurring phthalides (Ge Lin et al.).
Chemistry and biological activity of polyisoprenylated benzophenone derivatives(O. Cuesta-Rubio et al.).
The benzophenones: Isolation, structural elucidation and biological activities (S. Baggett et al.).
Bioactive compounds from Tripterygium wilfordii(Rensheng Xu et al.).
Bioactive natural compounds from medico-magic plants of bantu area (B. Akendengue et al.).
Bioactive non-alkaloidal constituents from the genus Erythrina (R.R.T. Majinda et al.).
Chemical constituents and pharmacology of Aristolochia species (Tian-Shung Wu et al.).
Chemistry and bioactivity of withanolides from South American Solanaceae (A.S. Veleiro et al.).
Bioactive secondary metabolites related to life-cycle development of oomycete phytopathogens(MD. Tofazzal Islam, Satoshi Tahara).
Bioprospecting in the Berkeley PIT: Bioactive metabolites from acid mine waste extremophiles(A.A. Stierle, D.B. Stierle).
Isoflavones as functional food components(F.R. Marin et al.).