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Studies in Natural Products Chemistry

This volume presents frontier reviews on recent developments on bioactive natural products in cutting-edge areas by eminent experts in their respective fields. Fourteen reviews treat diverse and different topics in natural products chemistry - basic ones, medicinally oriented ones, agro-oriented ones and ecologically oriented ones.It is an important addition to this important series on Natural Products Chemistry, generally acknowledged to be the leading series on this topic.

Natural product chemists, medicinal chemists, pharmacologists as well as researchers particularly those in academica and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hardbound, 1022 Pages

Published: June 2008

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-53180-3


  • Antitumor agent 248. Chemistry and antitumor activity of tylophorine-related alkaloidsLINYI WEI, ARNOLD BROSSI, SUSAN L. MORRIS-NATSCHKE, KENNETH F. BASTOW AND KUO-HSIUNG LEE Antitumor and antimetastatic actions of various natural productsYOSHIYUKI KIMURA Natural stilbenes and analogues as ntineoplastic agentsFULVIA ORSINI AND GUIDO SELLO Discoveries of the diels-alderasesAKITAMI ICHIHARA Lipids of membranes: Chemistry, biological role and applications as drug carriersSOPHIA HATZIANTONIOY AND COSTAS DEMETZOSMetabolism of plant hormones cytokinins and their function in signaling, celldifferentiation and plant developmentPETR GALUSZKA, LUKÁŠ SPÍCHAL, DAVID KOPECNÝ,PETR TARKOWSKI, JITKA FRÉBORTOVA, MAREK Å EBELA AND IVO FRÉBORT (+)-Biotin: A challenge for industrially viable total synthesis of natural productsMASAHIKO SEKI Biotechnology for the production of plant natural productsRAFAEL ZARATE, NABIL EL JABER-VAZDEKIS, ELENA CEQUIER-SÁNCHEZ, FÁTIMA GUTÍERREZ-NICOLÁS AND ÁNGEL G. RAVELORoles of insect and mammal pheromones: Vomeronasal receptorsDANIEL GARCÍA VELÁZQUEZ, JOSÉ J. MARRERO TELLADO AND ANGEL G. RAVELOStilbenoids: Chemistry and bioactivitiesKAI XIAO, HONG-JUN ZHANG, LI-JIANG XUAN, JUAN ZHANG,YA-MING XU AND DONG-LU BAI Tissue culture of medicinal plants: Micropropagation, transformation andproduction of useful secondary metabolitesKAYO YOSHIMATSU Isoquinuclidines: A review of chemical and pharmacological propertiesM.O. FARUK KHAN, MARK S. LEVI, C. RANDALL CLARK,SETH Y. ABLORDEPPEY, SAY-JONG LAW, NORMAN H. WILSON AND RONALD F. BORNE Hyaluronic acid: Its function and degradation in in vivo systemsGRIGORIJ KOGAN, LADISLAV Å OLTES, ROBERT STERN,JÜRGEN SCHILLER AND RANIERO MENDICHIHigh altitude plants, chemistry of acclimation and adaptationMIGUEL E. ALONSO-AMELOT


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