Student's Essential Guide to .NET


  • Tony Grimer, Department of Computing and Information Technology, University of Wolverhampton, UK

The Student's Essential Guide to .NET provides a clear and simple overview of Microsoft's .NET technologies. It is aimed at second and third year undergraduate students and postgraduate students on Computing or Computer Science courses who are required to look at a modern operating system, (Microsoft Windows 9x, Nt 2000 or XP) and to design and code simple or even not so simple examples. The approach is based upon the student's learning the technology of .NET through examples using the supported languages C#, VB and C++. The examples are based on fun, familiar games, and students are encouraged to review reference material to refine their skills on key aspects of the architecture. Review questions and worked examples enhance the learning process and the material is supported by the author's website, which contains extensive ancillary material.
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Undergraduate, introductory/intermediate; all computing and information systems courses. There will also be a market on conversion masters' programmes.


Book information

  • Published: December 2004
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-6131-7

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Overview of the .Net strategy; Definitions; The .NET Framework; Chapter 2 - The Common Language Runtime (CLR); Type System; Managed Code; Assemblies; The Execution Process; Chapter 3 - The Supported Languages; Introduction to C#; Introduction to VB.NET; Introduction to Managed C++; Chapter 4 - The Class Library; Definitions; Namespaces; XML; I/O; Serialisation; Reflection; Chapter 5 - ASP.NET; Chapter 6 - ADO.NET; Index