Student Workbook for Practice Management for the Dental Team book cover

Student Workbook for Practice Management for the Dental Team

Get more practice with essential dental office skills! Corresponding to the chapters in Practice Management for the Dental Team, 7th Edition, by Betty Ladley Finkbeiner, CDA Emeritus, BS, MS, and Charles Allan Finkbeiner, BS, MS, this workbook includes an EagleSoft practice management CD-ROM. Interactive exercises help you gain realistic office experience, from learning the technology to managing patient information to completing financial procedures. The workbook also includes summaries of textbook content, learning objectives, practice questions, critical thinking exercises, and online assignments. With these valuable resources, you'll learn to perform all dental office functions!

Paperback, 168 Pages

Published: March 2010

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-06535-1


  • Part I: Dentistry as a Business

    1. The Business of Dentistry

    2. Dental Team Management

    3. Patient Management

    4. Legal and Ethical Issues in the Dental Business Office

    5. Technology in the Business Office

    6. Office Design and Equipment Placement

    Part II: Communication Management

    7. Working with Dental Office Documents

    8. Storage of Business Records

    9. Written Communication

    10. Telecommunications

    Part III: Business Office Systems

    11. Appointment Management Systems

    12. Recall Systems

    13. Inventory Systems and Supply Ordering

    14. Dental Insurance

    15. Financial Systems: Accounts Receivable

    16. Other Financial Systems

    17. Infection Control Systems

    Part IV: The Dental Assistant in the Workplace

    18. Planning and Managing Your Career Path


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