Structure and Mechanics of Woven Fabrics book cover

Structure and Mechanics of Woven Fabrics

Fabric mechanics are fundamental to the way textiles are designed, tested and manufactured and underpin the way woven fabrics are used in the modern world. With fully comprehensive coverage of all aspects of fabric anisotropy, stress-strain relationships and fabric drape modelling and testing, Structure and mechanics of woven fabrics, discusses and exemplifies all major aspects of fabric mechanics and their relevance to every stage of the contemporary textile industry.

After a general introduction illustrating the role and study of woven fabric mechanics, the first group of chapters examines the structural, tensile, bending and shear properties of woven fabrics. Sections cover the general behaviour of these properties, how they are modelled and their anisotropy. Drape deformation modelling is covered extensively, one chapter detailing theory and a second, computation and simulation. The properties of fabrics with seams and fabric complex deformation analysis and simulation are also detailed.

Structure and mechanics of woven fabrics is an essential reference for all textile academics, students, researchers, technicians, engineers and technologists, covering all areas of textile material applications, from composites and geotextiles, to medical textiles and biotextiles.


Published: October 2004

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-904-8


  • …a most welcome contribution to an area in which there are few books., Textile Month
    …an excellent book which will prove extremely helpful to those involved in higher education and in industrial research and development on woven apparel and technical fabrics., Textile Month
    Both author and publisher are to be congratulated on producing such an excellent book., Textile Month


  • Objective measurement technology of woven fabrics; Fabric structural properties; The tensile properties of woven fabrics; The bending properties of woven fabrics; The shear properties of woven fabrics; Fabric complex deformation analysis and simulation; Properties of fabrics with seams; Modelling drape deformation of woven fabrics and garments - theory; Modelling drape deformation of woven fabrics and garments - computation and simulation.


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